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Wednesday, November 12

Please join us for a pint at the Den Bar (27-29 Pembroke Road), from 7 p.m. onwards (but not very late). They serve simple food before ~9 p.m.
The back-up option will be William Searson's Pub (42-44 Upper Baggot Street).

Thursday, November 13

9:00 Arrival, setting up posters

Session I:
Discussion leaders: Greg Houseman, Boris Kaus

9:30 Greg Houseman Gravitational Instability of the Continental Lithosphere
10:00 Boris Kaus Rheology and deformation of the lithosphere
10:30 Denis Gapais Deformation modes of hot lithospheres, the uniformitarism revisited

11:00 Coffee break

11:20 Jason Morgan Possible effects of hotspots on continental bottoms
11:35 Evgenii Burov Mantle-continental lithosphere interactions
12:05 Celine Tirel Modes of lithospheric extension
12:20 Discussion  

13:00 Lunch (provided)

Session II:
Discussion leaders: Valerie Maupin, Sergei Lebedev

14:00 Valerie Maupin Constraints on mantle anisotropy from surface-wave velocities and polarisations
14:30 Goetz Bokelmann Constraints on anisotropy from body waves, with some geodynamic inferences
15:00 Sebastien Chevrot Parameterisation and high-resolution imaging of seismic anisotropy

15:30 Coffee break

15:50 Thomas Meier Structure, anisotropy and deformation in the Aegean region
16:05 Sergei Lebedev Array imaging of azimuthal anisotropy: new constraints on continental deformation
16:20 Stewart Fishwick Azimuthal anisotropy from surface wave studies of Africa and Australia: An indication of flow directions?
16:35 Meghan Miller 3D lithospheric structure beneath the Caribbean-South American plate boundary
16:50 Discussion  

Evening: explore Dublin.
Some of us may meet in Toners, a traditional old pub at 139 Lower Baggot Street. One option for dinner would then be Tulsi (17a Lower Baggot Street), an Indian restaurant across the street (and then a bit to the right) from Toners.

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Friday, November 14

Session III:
Discussion leaders: Martyn Drury, Thorsten Becker

9:30 Martyn Drury Anisotropy and rheology of upper mantle rocks
10:00 Andrea Tommasi Deformation and anisotropies (seismic, electrical, thermal, mechanical...) in the lithospheric mantle
10:30 Thorsten Becker Relationship of seismic anisotropy to deformation and flow

11:00 Coffee break

11:20 Wolfgang Rabbel Seismic anisotropy and its implications for the rheology of the crust
11:50 Brian O'Reilly Continental deformation in and around Ireland: insights from seismic studies of petrological structure in the crust and mantle lithosphere
12:05 Discussion  

13:00 Lunch (provided)

Session IV:
Discussion leaders: Alan Jones, Goetz Bokelmann

14:00 Juanjo Ledo Magnetotelluric imaging: constraints on lithospheric dynamics
14:30 Alan Jones Electrical anisotropy in the continental mantle
15:00 Toivo Korja Lithosphere in Fennoscandia and LAB in Europe as imaged by magnetotellurics

15:30 Coffee break

15:50 Dave Eaton The elusive Lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary beneath cratons
16:20 Fiona Darbyshire Azimuthal anisotropy of the Superior craton, northern Ontario, Canada
16:35 Ian Bastow SKS splitting analyses in Scotland, Hudson Bay, and the Sierra Nevada
16:50 Discussion  

Drinks and snacks and Irish cheese at the posters.

20:30 Workshop dinner, Il Posto Restaurant, 10 St. Stephen Green

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DIAS, School of Cosmic Physics, Geophysics Section, 5 Merrion Square, Dublin 2