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Astroparticle Physics

Astroparticle Physics: Gamma Ray Astronomy, X-ray Astronomy and Neutrino Astronomy

Astroparticle Physics is a modern interdisciplinary research field at the interface of astronomy, high energy physics and cosmology. It addresses a diversity of phenomena related to the Universe in their most energetic and violent forms. Our research interests are focused on nonthermal aspects of these phenomena which generally proceed under extreme physical conditions in environments characterized with huge gravitational, magnetic and electric fields, relativistic bulk motions and shock waves, highly excited (turbulent) plasma, etc.

The activity of the our group covers several areas of Astrophysics and Astroparticle Physics with an emphasis on topics related to X-ray, gamma-ray, and neutrino astronomies. It covers, in particular, (i) processes of acceleration and radiation of electrons and protons in relativistic outflows – in pulsar winds, microquasars, small and large scale jets of active galactic nuclei; (ii) gamma-ray and neutrino production mechanisms in different astrophysical environments; (iii) Origin of Galactic and Extragalactic cosmic rays; (iv) high energy radiation in the Galactic Center, (v) nonthermal emission of large scale cosmological structures like clusters of galaxies and giant pair halos. Our group is an official and active member of several major projects: HESS and CTA (ground-based gamma-ray astronomy), Km3NeT (high energy neutrino astronomy), ASTRO-X (X-ray astronomy).

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