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DIAS Astrophysics Seminars

Seminars are held on Tuesdays at 15:00 local time unless otherwise stated.

Please contact the seminar team (Charlie Bowers and Paul Wright) should you have any suggestions for speakers.


Date and LocationSpeaker and AffiliationSeminar Title
5th March
DIAS Dunsink Observatory
Jordan A. Guerra
Estimating the Impact of the Magnetometer Network on the SWPC Geoelectric Field Model
27th February
31 Fitzwilliam Place
Leonardo Testi
University of Bologna
The Planets of Dawn
13th February
Leigh Fletcher
University of Leicester
JWST: A New Voyager for the Outer Solar System
30th January
31 Fitzwilliam Place
Maria Koutoulaki
University of Leeds
A VLTI view of Massive Young Stellar Objects
23rd January
31 Fitzwilliam Place
Rob Ivison
ESO/University of Edinburgh
30 years of submillimetre cosmology 
16th January
31 Fitzwilliam Place
Alanna Fox
University of Limerick
The use of MaNGA data to establish the origin of spiral arms in galaxies 


Date and LocationSpeaker and AffiliationSeminar Title
28th November
31 Fitzwilliam Place
Bertram Bitsch
University College Cork
Planet formation in the JWST era
14th November
Xianzhe Jia
University of Michigan
Extended MHD and Coupled Fluid-Kinetic Simulations of Planetary Magnetospheres: Applications to Mercury and Ganymede
17th October
31 Fitzwilliam Place
Jorick Vink
Armagh Observatory & Planetarium
How Heavy is the Most Massive Star in the Universe?
10th October
Yash Sarkango
Princeton University
Satellite-magnetosphere interactions at Jupiter: A review of Juno JADE/JEDI observations
28th September
DIAS Dunsink Observatory
Maria-Theresia Walach
Lancaster University
The Eye of the Geomagnetic Storm: Electrodynamics at High-Latitudes during Geomagnetic Storm
26th September
DIAS Dunsink Observatory
John Coxon
Northumbria University
The distribution of Birkeland currents in time and space
5th September
DIAS Dunsink Observatory
David Long
Queens University Belfast
Flux Ropes in the Solar Corona Observed by Solar Orbiter and Parker Solar Probe
13th June
31 Fitzwilliam Place
Benoît Tabone
Paris-Saclay University
Early results of the GTO-MIRI MINDS programme on planet-forming disks
7th June
31 Fitzwilliam Place
Ian Dobbs-Dixon 
NYU Abu Dhabi
Probing the Multidimensional Nature of Atmospheres of Hot Jupiters
15th May
Mary Knapp
MIT Haystack 
AERO-VISTA: mapping the Earth’s auroral radio emissions
27th April
31 Fitzwilliam Place
Andrew Miller
Maynooth University
MUSE-ing Upon the Strange: Exploring Unusual Protostellar Outflows with Integral Field Spectroscopy
25th April
31 Fitzwilliam Place
Maximilian Günther
Habitable(?) Worlds and Stellar Flares
29th March
DIAS Dunsink Observatory
Matthew Owens
University of Reading
When less is more – reduced physics simulations of the solar wind
14th March
31 Fitzwilliam Place
Zhen Guo
Universidad de Valparaiso
Episodic accretion on young stellar objects – results from the VVV survey
8th March
31 Fitzwilliam Place
Karina Mauco Coronado

Justyn Campbell-White
Testing external photoevaporation in the σ-Orionis cluster with spectroscopy and disk mass measurements

Investigating the link between winds/outflows, disk substructures and protoplanets
7th March
DIAS Dunsink Observatory
Ciaran Beggan
British Geological Survey
Space weather research and activities on mid-latitude island archipelagos
28th February
Marianna Felici
Boston University
The MAVEN Radio Occultation Science Experiment (ROSE) 
21st February
31 Fitzwilliam Place
Rubén Fedriani
Chalmers University of Technology
Infrared Observations of Massive Star-Forming Regions
7th February
31 Fitzwilliam Place
Neale Gibson
Trinity College Dublin
Atmospheres of alien worlds: challenges and opportunities with transmission spectroscopy of extrasolar planets
2nd February
DIAS Dunsink Observatory
Jessica Dempsey
Harnessing the opportunities in the approaching radio astronomy renaissance
24th January
31 Fitzwilliam Place
Olivier Asin
Gone with the breeze: A subsonic outflow solution to the Fermi bubble problem 


Date and LocationSpeaker and AffiliationSeminar Title
22nd November 
31 Fitzwilliam Place
Kamber Schwarz
Max Planck Institute
The Evolution of Volatile Carbon During Planet Formation
15th November
DIAS Dunsink Observatory
Andy Smith
Northumbria University
Space Weather Forecasting: Sudden Commencements and Machine Learning
25th October
Affelia Wibisono
University College London
Using Multi-Spacecraft Measurements to Shed Light on Jupiter’s Auroral and Disk X-ray Emissions
12th September
Michał Marek
Centrum Badań Kosmicznych PAN
Auroral Kilometric Radiation as a Self-Organized Criticality System
12th July
DIAS Dunsink Observatory
Iurii Sushch
Northwest University
Non-thermal emission from supernova remnants in circumstellar media
21st June
DIAS Dunsink Observatory
Aisling Bergin
University of Warwick
Time Series Analysis Applied to Geomagnetic Indices
7th June
31 Fitzwilliam Place
Dr Mark Kennedy
University College Cork
Invisible Monsters and Spider Webs: Compact objects in the era of wide field optical surveys
24th May
Dr Julian Pittard
University of Leeds
Colliding Wind Binary Systems and their Thermal and Non-Thermal Radiation
19th May
DIAS Dunsink Observatory
Dr Matt James
University of Leicester
Studying the Magnetospheric Plasmas of Mercury and Earth using ULF Waves and Machine Learning
3rd May
Aisling Murphy
Maynooth University
A Hidden Brown Dwarf? The MUSE view of a precessing stellar jet
12th April
31 Fitzwilliam Place
Dr Maria Gabriela Navarro
INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma
VVV Microlensing events around the Galactic Center
8th March
Robert Kavanagh
Leiden University
Tuning in to star-planet interactions at radio wavelengths
15th February
31 Fitzwilliam Place
Jessica Erkal
University College Dublin
Infrared studies of protostellar jets probing the jet-disk connection
8th February
Dr Mika Holmberg
The Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer mission and the reliability of its future measurements
11th January
31 Fitzwilliam Place
Dr Dúalta Ó Fionnagáin
NUI Galway
Stellar Coronal Mass Ejections on Epsilon Eridani


Date and LocationSpeaker and AffiliationSeminar Title
14th December
Dr Sam Geen
University of Amsterdam
The Unexpected Ways Stellar Winds Shape Star Formation
23rd November
Dr Erin Higgins
Armagh Observatory & Planetarium
The evolution of massive stars as black hole progenitors
9th November
31 Fitzwilliam Place
Dr Colm Bracken
Maynooth University
Untangling the Delayed-Choice Entangled Quantum Eraser – Could the KIDs offer the solution?
26th October
31 Fitzwilliam Place
Dr. Cheng-han Hsieh
Yale University
Rotating filament in Orion B – Do cores inherit their angular momentum from their parent filament?
22nd October
31 Fitzwilliam Place
Dr. Patrick Hennebelle
CEA, Universite Paris-Saclay
From the galactic disk to the protoplaneraty disks: The ECOGAL project 
12th October
Prof. Sandra Chapman
University of Warwick
Quantifying space climate as the statistics of space weather: networks and burst distributions
5th October
Dr. Stephanie Yardley
University College London
The Elusive Sources of Solar Energetic Particles
28th September
Dr. Alberto Sanna
Understanding the formation of High-Mass Stars: lessons from G23.01-0.41
20th July
Dr. Harish Vedantham
Radio flashes from plasma storms around exoplanets
6th July
Dr. Emma Whelan
Maynooth University
Evidence for an MHD disk wind via optical forbidden line spectro-astrometry
22nd June
Dr. Hamish Reid
University College London
Solar electron beams, turbulence, and plasma waves: the perfect ingredients for radio burst fine structure
8th June
Dr. Jennifer Carter
University of Leicester
Finding our SMILE
18th May
Prof. Philippe Zarka
Observatoire de Paris
Perspectives on ground-based observations of Jupiter
4th May
Mr. Mayur Bakrania
University College London
Applying unsupervised learning and outlier detection methods to characterise magnetotail plasma sheet populations and instabilities
20th April
Mr Sam Pearson and Ms. Tatiana Pavlidou
University of St. Andrews
Going wide and deep: the quest for a census of young stars and brown dwarfs
13th April
Dr. Jonathan Nichols
University of Leicester
The auroras of Jupiter and Saturn with Hubble: recent results
6th April
Dr. Felipe De Oliveira Alves
Max-Planck-Institut für extraterrestrische Physik
Growing stars and planets in the furrows of Barnard 59
30th March
Dr. Stanley Owocki
University of Delaware
Magnetospheres of Magnetic Massive Stars
9th March
Dr. Abigail Azari
University of California, Berkeley
Integrating Data Science and Planetary Science – Building Statistical Views of Planetary Space Environments
16th February
Zoom (ASI Series)
Mr. Kevin Nolan
Technological University Dublin
Mars, the Search for Origins
9th February
Dr. Laura Hayes
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Solar flares and their effects of the Earth’s ionosphere
26th January
Dr. Bin Chen
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Solar Flare Energy Release: New Insights from Recent Radio Observations
13th January
Dr. Frank Eisenhauer
Max-Planck-Institut für extraterrestrische Physik
GRAVITY+: All Sky, High Contrast, Milli-Arcsecond Optical Interferometric Imaging and Spectroscopy

Information on seminars held before 2021 can be found here.