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Dr Meysam Rezaeifar

Name: Dr Meysam Rezaeifar

Position: Post-doctoral Research Fellow

Email: meysam-at-cp.dias.ie


2009 – B.S.c in Mining Engineering, Shahid Bahonar University, Kerman, Iran

2011 – M.S.c in Seismology, Institute of Geophysic, University of Technology, Kerman, Iran

2018 – Ph.D. in Seismology, Institute of Geophysic, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Research Interests

I do research in seismology and tomography and I am interested in geophysical imaging, seismic imaging of crustal and lithospheric mantle structures, using passive seismic data and methods. I am currently working on the following projects:

– PACIFIC: replacing the active seismology method with enviroment friendly passive seismology method. In this project we try to use ambient noise data to extract seismic body waves and retrieve 2/3D reflection image like those from oil companies.

– Sierra Negra: Finding uppermost crustal structures of Sierra Negra Volcano, Ecuador using high resolution seismic travel-time tomography.

– Lithosphere structure beneath Ireland: : Finding crustal and probably uppermost mantel structures of Ireland by applying high resolution seismic travel-time tomography technique on quarry blasts data.

Selected Recent Publications

Rezaeifar, M., et al., (in press) Detailed structure of lithosphere beneath Northern Iran by high-resolution local earthquake seismic tomography, Tectonophysics.

Rezaeifar, M., Kissling, E., (in press) Compilation of a high quality catalogue for M3.0+ seismicity in Northern Iran Region for the period of 2005-2017, Geophysics Journal International.

Rezaeifar, M., Kissling, E., Shomali, Z.H., Shahpasand-Zadeh, M., (2016) 3D crustal structure of the northwest Alborz region (Iran) from local earthquake tomography. Swiss Journal of Geosciences, 109(3): 389-400.