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Haleh Karbala Ali

Name: Haleh Karbala Ali

Position: Post-doctoral Research Fellow on Time lapse geophysical monitoring in karst systems

Email: haleh-at-cp.dias.ie

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Ph.D, Petroleum Exploration Engieering, Amir Kabir University of Technology (Tehran Poly Technique), (2018). Dissertation Title: Channel Boundary Detection based on Shearelet Transformation for Hydrocarbon Resource Exploration.

M.Sc, Petroleum Exploration Engineering, Petroleum University of Technology, (2013). Thesis Title: Lithofacies Discrimination using Elastic Impedance Inversion.

Research Interests

The research at DIAS will sit within Geohazards Project in collaboration with Irish Centre for Research in Applied Geosciences (iCRAG). The particular goal of the project is to develop new methods for real time monitoring of temporal variations in karst moduli.

Prior to joining DIAS, Haleh worked as seismic data interpreter at the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC).

Her research interests cover a wide range of topics including seismology, reservoir geophysics, seismic inversion and image processing.

Selected recent publications

Karbalaali, H., Javaherian, A., Qayyum, F., de Groot. P., Dahlke, S. and Torabi, S., 2018, Identification of shallow geohazard channels based on seismic attributes in the South Caspian Sea, Geophysics, 83(6), 317- 322.

Karbalaali, H., Javaherian, A., Reisenhofer, R., Dahlke, S. and Torabi, S., 2018, Seismic channel edge detection using 3D shearlets – A study on synthetic and real channelized 3D seismic data, Geophysical Prospecting, 66 (7), 1272- 1289.

Karbalaali, H., Javaherian, A., Torabi, S. and Dahlke, S., 2017, Channel boundary detection based on 2D shearlet transformation: An application to the seismic data in the south Caspian Sea, Journal of Applied Geophysics, 146, 67- 79.

Karbalaali, H., Javaherian, A., Dahlke, S. and Torabi, S., 2017, Channel edge detection using 2D complex shearlet transform: A case study from the South Caspian Sea, Exploration Geophysics, A- I.

Conference Presentations:

Karbalaali, H., Qayyum, F., de Groot. P., Javaherian, A., 2018, Shallow geohazard channel identification based on novel seismic interpretation techniques in the South Caspian Sea, 80th EAGE Conference and exhibition, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Karbalaali, H., Javaherian, A., Torabi, S., Dahlke, S. and Ghazanfari, A., 2017, Channel Edge Detection based on 2D Compactly- Supported Shearlets, an Application to a Channelized Seismic Data in South Caspian Sea, 79th EAGE Conference and exhibition, Paris, France, P405.

Karbalaali, H., Javaherian, A., Reisenhofer, R., Dahlke, S. and Torabi, S. 2017, Channel Boundary Detection using 2D Complex Shearlet Transform: An Example from the South of Caspian Sea, Asia Petroleum Geosciences Conference and Exhibition, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, 43100.

Vosoughi, H., Karbalaali, H. and Javaherian, A., 2016, Mixed-phase wavelet estimation by cumulant matching in one of hydrocarbon fields of Iran, 78th EAGE Conference and exhibition, Vienna, Austria.

Karbalaali, H., Safshekan, M.A., Javaherian, A. and Keshavarz faraj Khah, N., 2015, Acoustic impedance inversion based on STHWE, statistical and well log wavelet estimation methods, 3rd South Asia Geosciences Conference and Exhibition (GeoIndia 2015), New Delhi, India.

Safshekan, M.A., Javaherian, A., Keshavarz Faraj Khah, N., Karbalaali, H. and Naderi, A., 2014, A review on homomorphic wavelet estimation methods, 16th Geophysics Conference of Iran, Tehran, Iran.

Karbalaali, H., Shadizadeh, S.R., Riahi, M.A. and karimi, S.H., 2013, The application of elastic impedance inversion and pre-stack attribute analysis for prospect identification, 75th EAGE Conference and Exhibition, London, England.

Semnani, A., Karbalaali, H. and Riahi, M.A., 2009, An introduction to over/under data processing methods, CPS/SEG Beijing Conference and Exposition, Beijing, China.