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Outreach, Education & Events

Members of the Geophysics Section of DIAS are involved in a range of outreach activities, both locally and nationally, with students in schools and universities, teachers and the general public. Outreach activities allow us to share our enthusiasm for these subjects with the wider community.

We hope that our activities will encourage people to have a broader appreciation of Geophysics or other Earth Science disciplines. Currently our Outreach programme comprises of:

  • Quake Shake: A new programme launched by the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS) and Geological Survey Ireland. It’s an initiative to create a community of ‘citizen seismologists’ across Ireland. The programme aims to engage people of all ages in the study of seismology. Quake Shake utilises Raspberry Shake seismometers, offering participants a hands-on experience in monitoring and understanding seismic activities. Whether you’re a student, teacher, or a curious member of the public, Quake Shake provides a unique platform to actively contribute to seismic research.
Outreach Officer Laura Reilly discussing Quake Shake & the use of Raspberry Shakes
  • BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition: Every January, the Geophysics Section of DIAS joins the Geological Survey of Ireland in the RDS to engage with students, teachers & the public about all things Geophysics!
  • Technical Officer David Craig giving an interview to East Coast Radio


  • Culture Night: A yearly event that takes place in September where we open our doors in 5 Merrion Square to the public a give a variety of demonstrations in the hallway, talks in the library and a presentation of the Irish National Seismic Network (INSN)
  • Samhain agus Science: A DIAS run event, that combines the Celtic festival of Samhain with our scientific research! This event usually takes place around the end of October.
    Dr. Clara Gomez Garcia & Dr. Eoghan Totten giving a demonstration of marine equipment in Galway City Museum.
  • School Visits: Schools may organise short trips to the Geophysics Section for their students to meet ‘real life’ geoscientists in their workplace and also to experience the recording of earthquakes from around the world via the Irish National Seismic Network.
    Technical Officer Patrick Smith presenting to a visiting school in 5 Merrion Square