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Professor Zdeněk Martinec

Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies
Geophysics Section
5 Merrion Square
Dublin 2

Tel: +353-1-653-5147 x233
Email: zdenek-at-cp.dias.ie

Research interests

  • Earth’s gravity field: geodetic boundary-value problems, inverse gravimetric problem, precise geoid determination,satellite geodesy, spatio-temporal gravity changes.
  • Dynamics of the Earth’s interior: mantle convection, gravito-elastic free oscillations, viscoelastic relaxation, tidal and rotational deformation, theory of continuum mechanics.
  • Earth’s electromagnetic field: global-scale electromagnetic induction, mantle electrical conductivity, satellite magnetometry, spectral processing of magnetic data.
  • Applied mathematics: theory of spherical tensor harmonics, variational formulation of boundary-value problems for partial differential equations, geophysical and geodetic data processing.


1999: Professor, Charles University in Prague 1997: Dr.Sc., Charles University in Prague 1997: Professor, Charles University in Prague 1983: C.Sc., (equivalent to Ph.D.), Charles University in Prague 1971 – 1976: M.Sc., Charles University in Prague

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