Phone number to Geophysics: +353 (1) 6535147 plus choose an extension number from the list below.

Academic Staff

Position Name Phone E-mail
Head of Section Prof. Chris Bean 224 email
Professor Prof. Zdeněk Martinec 233 email
Mallet Assistant Professor of Seismology Prof. Sergei Lebedev 240 email
Assistant Professor Prof. Brian O’Reilly 262 email
Director of Observational Seismology Thomas Blake 223 email
Schrödinger Fellow Dr. Volker Rath 245 email
Research Scientist (SFI SIRG) Dr. Nicola Piana Agostinetti 231 email
Research Scientist Dr. Florian LePape 213 email
Research Scientist Dr. Joan Campanya 219 email
Research Scientist Dr. Francois Lavoue 225 email
Research Scientist Dr. Manel Prada 225 email
Research Scientist (Marie Curie-Sklodowska Fellow) Dr. Javier Fullea 200 email
Research Scientist Dr. Pierre Arroucau 265 email
Research Scientist Dr. Duygu Kiyan 227 email
Research Scientist Dr. David Craig 213 email
Research Scientist Dr. Eva P. S. Eibl 227 email
Research Scientist Dr. Gaurav Tomar 200 email
Research Scientist Dr. Mattia Guerri 200 email


Geophysics Section Secretary Anna Sewielska 200 email
Research Support Officer Hannah McCann 200 email

Technical Staff

Senior Technical Officer Clare Horan 228 email
Senior Technical Officer Martin Möllhoff 218 email
Senior Technical Officer (Electronics) Mick Smyth 205 email
Technical Officer Louise Collins
(on career break)
278 email
Geophysics Field Technician Colin Hogg 234 email


PhD Student Raffaele Bonadio 232 email
PhD Student Nicolas Celli 265 email
PhD Student Robert Delhaye 221 email
PhD Student Sarah Donne 200 email
PhD Student Thomas Farrell 206 email
PhD Student Andrea Licciardi 247 email
PhD Student Matteo Ravenna 232 email
PhD Student Libor Sachl 205 email
PhD Student Johannes Thun 200 email
PhD Student Meike Volk 213 email
PhD Student Giuseppe Maggio 200 email
PhD Student Laura Bérdi 200 email
PhD Student Clara Gómez Garcia 231 email
PhD Student Senad Subašić 200 email
PhD Student (IT Limerick) Sajjad Sajjadi
PhD Student (GFZ Potsdam) Jan Dostal
PhD Student (U Prague) David Einspigel
PhD Student (U Auckland) Christina Walter
MSc Student (U Prague) Hana Sustkova

Emeritus Professors

Senior Professor Emeritus Prof. Alan Jones email
Emeritus Professor Prof. Peter Readman 225 email

Honorary Professors

NUI Galway, Ireland Prof. Colin Brown
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands Prof. Sierd Cloetingh
University of Calgary, Canada Prof. Dave Eaton

Research Associates

UCD, Ireland Prof. Pat Shannon
TCD, Ireland Dr. Rob Hardy
University of Barcelona, Spain Dr. Juanjo Ledo
University of Leicester, UK Dr. Stewart Fishwick
University of Leicester, UK Dr. Max Moorkamp
LIAG, Hannover, Germany Dr. Marion Miensopust
University of Ottawa, Canada Dr. Andrew Schaeffer
ESI SAS, Bratislava  Dr. Jan Vozar