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Staff contact information

Geophysics Staff and Students

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-PositionNamePhoneEmailSocial Media
d assistantprof Assistant ProfessorProf. O'Reilly, Brian 262
j seniortech Senior Technical Officer Horan, Clare 228
k tech Technical Officer Collins, Louise 244
l fieldtech Field Technician Hogg, Colin 234
c malletassistantprof Mallet Assistant Professor of SeismologyProf. Lebedev, Sergei 240
j seniortech Senior Technical Officer Smyth, Mike 205
h secretary Section Secretary Sewielska, Anna 212
e observationalseismology Director of Observational Seismology Blake, Thomas 223
g research Research ScientistDr. Le Pape, Florian 213
g research Research ScientistDr. Fullea, Javier
b prof ProfessorProf. Martinec, Zdeněk 233
m phdstud PhD Student Farrell, Thomas 206
m phdstud PhD Student Delhaye, Robert 221
g research Research ScientistMr Grannell, James
g research Research ScientistDr. Prada, Manel 225
m phdstud PhD StudentMr Bonadio, Raffaele 232
a director School DirectorProf. Bean, Chris 224
m phdstud PhD StudentMr Celli, Nicolas Luca 265
j seniortech Senior Technical OfficerDr. Möllhoff, Martin 218
g research Research ScientistDr Donne, Sarah 200
g research Research ScientistDr. Craig, David 215
n senioprofemeritus Senior Professor EmeritusProf. Jones, Alan
g research Research ScientistDr. Lavoué, François 231
g research Research ScientistDr. Kiyan, Duygu 227
m phdstud PhD Student Maggio, Giuseppe
g research Research ScientistDr. Tomar, Gaurav 213 00353892245768
m phdstud PhD Student Gómez Garcia, Clara 231
m phdstud PhD Student Subašić, Senad
g research Research ScientistDr. Guerri, Mattia
m phdstud PhD Student Berdi, Laura 200
e postdocfellow Post-doctoral Research FellowDr. Baykiev, Eldar 200
e postdocfellow Post-doctoral Research FellowDr Mather, Ben 200
u researchassociate Research AssociateDr. Almendros, Javier
g scholar ScholarDr Cox, Grace
e postdocfellow Post-doctoral Research FellowDr. Li, Ka Lok
m phdstud PhD Student Janneke, De laat