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‘Black holes, the boundaries of reality and the deep structure of space and time’ with Dr Astrid Eichhorn

October 26 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


Samhain agus Science 2020

Black holes are among the most fascinating objects that our universe harbours. Recent breakthroughs have made it possible for us to observe them directly – the Event Horizon Telescope has imaged the shadow of a black hole. These fascinating cosmic objects remain mysterious and pique our curiosity: Unlike other cosmic objects, we can never hope to “see” into their interior, because no information can escape them; they seem to set up boundaries to our reality. So what is it that black holes hide from us behind their event horizon? Physicists expect that inside a black hole, the deep, fundamental structure of spacetime itself rules. There, the un-intuitive effects of quantum mechanics combine with strong gravitational effects to produce a micro-world that is fascinating, unexpected and possibly just within the grasp of our understanding.

Astrid Eichhorn, Associate Professor at CP3-Origins, University of Southern Denmark

Astrid completed her PhD at the University of Jena, Germany in 2011. She held postdoc positions at Perimeter Institute, Canada and Imperial College, London and became a junior research group leader at Heidelberg University in 2016 and associate professor at CP3-Origins at the University of Southern Denmark in 2019. Astrid has won a number of fellowships and awards, including a teaching prize and most recently a Villum Young investigator fellowship.

This will be an online event hosted via Zoom.