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2012-07-06 – Seminar: Prof. Qingsheng Liu

6 July 2012Seminar

When: 4pm on Friday, 6th July 2012
Where: DIAS, Geophysics Section, 5 Merrion Square, Dublin 2, (library)

Speaker: Prof. Qingsheng Liu (China University of Geosciences)
Title: Magnetic structure of the continental lower crust


What is magnetic in the continental lower crust? What is origin of MAGSAT (long-wavelength) and its relationship with the deep geological process? These questions are important to understand the structure of the deep crust and the geological processes. The only way to answer these two questions is to study the magnetic property of deep crustal rock exposed on ground. In this talk, I will discuss the following questions: 1) What is the relationship between magnetic properties of high-degree metamorphic rocks exposed on ground and crustal metamorphism which include both progression and retrogression metamorphic processes; 2) How can fractional crystallization control the magnetic property of the lower crustal xenoliths; 3) What is the effect of serpentinization process on the magnetic of garnet-peridotites from the ultra-high pressure (UHP) metamorphic belt in the Chinese Continental Scientific Drilling (CCSD) main hole, eastern China; 4) What is the origin of lamellar magnetism in hematite-ilmenite solid solution from the UHP metamorphic belt in the CCSD main hole, eastern China.