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Thursday 28th April 2016 : School of Theoretical Physics, DIAS Seminar – ‘Black Hole Microstates and Momentum Fractionation’

Title: Black Hole Microstates and Momentum Fractionation
Speaker: David Turton (Saclay)


The study of black hole microstates in string theory is an important problem, which has the potential to resolve the information paradox. Of particular interest are BPS and near-BPS D1-D5-P bound states in string theory, which can be studied holographically. I will first review the information paradox, and the status of our knowledge of three-charge black hole microstates. I will then present work which identifies the CFT description of a class of BPS and non-BPS D1-D5-P supergravity solutions, including both regular solutions and solutions with conical defects. The CFT states exhibit fractionation of the momentum charge. I will then describe recent work on constructing more general classes of black hole microstate geometries which are dual to CFT states involving fractionated momentum. I will close with a discussion of the physics of an observer falling into a black hole.
Time: 2pm, Thursday 28th April 2016
Place: Lecture Room, 1st Floor, School of Theoretical Physics, DIAS, 10 Burlington Road, Dublin 4