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Thursday 23rd June 2016 : Seminar “Quantum Phases of Yang-Mills Matrix Model Coupled to Fundamental Fermions”.

The School of Theoretical Physics, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies will host a seminar by Sachin Vaidya on Thursday 23rd June at 2pm.

Title: Quantum Phases of Yang-Mills Matrix Model Coupled to Fundamental Fermions.

Speaker: Sachin Vaidya (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore).

Abstract: By investigating the SU(2) Yang-Mills matrix model coupled to fundamental fermions in the adiabatic limit, we demonstrate quantum critical behaviour at special corners of the gauge field configuration space. The quantum scalar potential for the gauge field induced by the fermions diverges at the corners, and is intimately related to points of enhanced degeneracy of the fermionic Hamiltonian. This in turn leads to superselection sectors in the Hilbert space of the gauge field, the ground states in different sectors being orthogonal to each other.  As a consequence of our analysis, we show that 2-color QCD coupled to two Weyl fermions has three quantum phases. When coupled to a massless Dirac fermion, the number of quantum phases is four. One of these phases is the color-spin locked phase.

Time: 2pm, Thursday 23rd June 2016.

Place: Lecture Room, 1st Floor, School of Theoretical Physics, DIAS,  10 Burlington Road, Dublin 4.