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Medieval Multilingual Manuscripts Conference

Pre-recorded papers sent out from Monday 17th May at 1.00pm, until Thursday 27th May 2021.

Live Conference day with key note speakers and live Q&A on Friday 28th May.

Esther-Miriam Wagner (Woolf Institute and University of Cambridge)
Jacopo Bisagni (NUI Galway)
Bart Besamusca /Jenneka Jansen (Universiteit Utrecht)

The aim of this conference is to bring together scholars working on medieval bilingual or multilingual sources from a variety of linguistic backgrounds, geographical areas, and literary genres. It will provide a platform which will further discussion on historical code-switching and multilingual communities. This will benefit greatly from a multi-layered approach, in which questions about the linguistic make-up of individual texts in terms of, for example, code-switching, might also be placed in the context of the manuscripts that contain them, the scribes who copied them and the patrons who commissioned them.

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