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Dr Chantal Kobel

Bergin Fellow email: chantal@celt.dias.ie Research Interests Medieval Irish language, literature and poetry; medieval Irish palaeography and codicology. Biographical Sketch Chantal Kobel graduated from Trinity College Dublin with an honours degree in Early and Modern Irish. After completing a… Read More

Margaret Irons

Name: Margaret Irons Title: Librarian Email:  margaret@celt.dias.ie Phone: +353 1 6140182 Address: School of Celtic Studies, 10 Burlington Road, Dublin 4, Ireland Biographical Sketch Margaret completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Media & Communications at… Read More

Sarah Waidler

Name: Sarah Waidler Title: O’Donovan scholar E-Mail: sarah@celt.dias.ie Phone: +353 1 6140176 Address: School of Celtic Studies, 10 Burlington Road, Dublin 4, Ireland Personal Page and Full Publications List: https://dias.academia.edu/SarahWaidler Research Interests: Medieval Irish, Welsh and Scottish history… Read More

Dr Deborah Hayden

phone: +353 1 6140176e-mail: deborah@celt.dias.ie About I completed a BA in Latin and French languages and literatures at Wellesley College before taking a second undergraduate degree in Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic at the University of Cambridge, followed by… Read More

Fangzhe Qiu

phone: +353 1 6140116e-mail: fq@celt.dias.ie Research Interests Early Irish law; narratives in law texts; Old and Middle Irish language; early Irish poetry and metrics; medieval grammatica; historical comparative linguistics (Indo-European, Turkic and Sino-Tibetan). Publications ‘Wandering cows and obscure… Read More

Nicole Volmering

  Research Interests Old and Middle Irish language and development of the language, medieval Irish literature, literary theory, church history, asceticism and eschatology, Old English literature. Publications Articles ‘De Struktuur van Fís Adomnáin’, Kelten: Mededelingen van de Stichting… Read More

Dr Mona Jakob

phone: +353 1 6140170e-mail: mona@celt.dias.ie Research Interests Old and Middle Irish poetry; metrics and metrical theory; poets and poetics; Old Irish language and the development of the language. Publications ‘Suibhne Geilt — A Green Man with a knack… Read More

Professor Barry Lewis

Name: Barry James Lewis Title(s): Professor E-Mail: barrylewis@celt.dias.ie Phone: +353 1 6140100 ext 177 Address: School of Celtic Studies, 10 Burlington Road, Dublin 4, Ireland Related links: http://dias.academia.edu/BarryLewis Research Interests Medieval Welsh language and literature; medieval Irish language… Read More

An tOllamh Barry Lewis

  Ainm: Barry James Lewis Teiteal: Professor Uimhir ghutháin: +353 1 6140100 folíne 177 Rphost: barrylewis@celt.dias.ie Seoladh: School of Celtic Studies, 10 Burlington Road Nascanna: http://dias.academia.edu/BarryLewis         Suimeanna taighde: an Bhreatnais agus a litríocht sa… Read More

Dr Clodagh Downey

phone: +353 1 6140161 e-mail: clodagh@celt.dias.ie Research Interests Early Irish language and literature, Middle Irish poetry. At present working on an edition and study of the poetic corpus of Cúán úa Lothcháin. Publications Articles ‘Intertextuality in Echtra mac… Read More