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Kaltenbrunner, T.

Kaltenbrunner, T. 2009- Predoctoral Scholar Born 1982, Vienna, Austria. Magister 2009 Vienna. Address: School of Theoretical Physics, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 10 Burlington Road, Dublin 4. E-mail: tkaltenbrunner_at_stp.dias.ie

Maassen, J.D.M.

Maassen, J.D.M. 1983-84 Scholar Born 1951 Arnhem, Netherlands. Ph.D. 1982 Groningen. Appointments: Huggens Fellowship, Delft 1984-86, Nijmegen 1986-89; Lect., Nijmegen 1989-. Memberships: International Association for Mathematical Physics; Mark Kac Seminar for Probability and Physics. Address: Department of Mathematics,… Read More

Mecklenburg, W.

Mecklenburg, W. 1976-78 Scholar Born 1950 Papenburg, Germany. Ph.D. 1976 Vienna. Appointments: Lect., DESY 1987-. Address: DESY, Notkestr, 85, D-2000 Hamburg 52, Germany.

O’Brien, S.

O’Brien, S. 1951-54 Scholar Born 1918 Nurney, Kildare. M.Sc. N.U.I. Appointments: Lect., Department of Mathematics, University College Dublin.

Pawlowski, J.

Pawlowski, J. 1997-2000 Scholar Born 1965 Gottingen, Germany. Ph.D. Heidelberg. Appointments : Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Heidelberg; Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Jena 1995-97; Erlangen 2000-. Address: Inst. F Theor. Physik III, Univ. Erlangen, Neurnberg, Staudstrasse 7, D-91058, Erlangen, Germany. E-mail:… Read More

Rayner, C.B.

Rayner, C.B. 1953-54 Scholar; 1957-58 Scholar Born 1930 Middx, England. Ph.D. London. Appointments: Research Laboratories, Wembley, Middx. 1954-57; D.S.I.R. Fellowship, Institut Henri Poincare 1958-.

Sherry, T.N.

Sherry, T.N. 1974-75 Scholar Born 1950 Dublin, Ireland. Ph.D. 1975 NUI. Appointments: Lect., University College, Galway 1980-. Memberships: Irish Mathematical Society. Address: Department of Mathematical Physics, University College, Galway, Ireland. E-mail: mphsherry_at_bodkin.ucg.ie

Takahashi, Y.

Takahashi, Y. 1957 Scholar; 1958-59 Assistant Professor; 1960 Professor Born 1924 Osaka, Japan. D.Sc. 1954 Nagoya, Japan. Appointments: Prof., Alberta 1968-92; Emeritus Prof., Alberta, 1992-.Memberships: Royal Irish Academy. Honours: Fellow, American Physical Society; Fellow, Royal Society of Canada…. Read More

Walshe, Rev. P.

Walshe, Rev. P. 1943-46 Scholar Dottore In Scienze Matematische 1942 Rome. D.Phil 1943.

Zorski, H.S.

Zorski, H.S. 1959-60 Scholar Born 1927 Czestochowa, Poland. Ph.D. 1955 Poland; D.Sc. 1962 Poland. Appointments: Prof., Polish Academy of Sciences 1962-.Memberships: Vice-President, International Society for Interaction between Mechanics and Mathematics 1991-; Accademia delle Scienze, Bologna 1978-; Polish Academy… Read More