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Covariant Loop Quantum Gravity and Cosmology

Speaker: Francesca Vidotto (Western University, Ontario)
Time: Thursday 11 April 2024, 2:30pm

Covariant Loop Quantum Gravity & Cosmology

Speaker: Francesca Vidotto (Western University, Ontario)
Time: Thursday 11 April 2024, 2:30pm

Frame PB-groupoid of a VB-groupoid

Speaker: Alfonso Garmendia (I’Institut d’Estudis Catalans, Barcelona)
Time: Thursday 4 April 2024, 2:30pm

An Overview of the E11 Program

Speaker: Keith Glennon (Okinawa Institute of Science & Technology)
Time: Thursday 28 March 2024, 2:30pm

New Physics: Where Do We Stand?

Speaker: Veronica Sanz (University of Valencia)
Time: Thursday 21 March 2024, 2:30pm

Correlations, Representations and the Emergence of Spacetime

Speaker: Achim Kempf (University of Waterloo & Perimeter Institute)
Time: Thursday 14 March 2024, 2:30pm

Dark Energy with a Little Help from its Friends (and why it might need somebody)

Speaker: Susha Parameswaran (University of Liverpool)
Time: Thursday 7 March 2024, 2:30pm

Green Functions for Black Hole Spacetimes: Wave Propagation, Self-Force, Stability and Quantum Properties

Speaker: Marc Casals (University of Leipzig)
Time: Thursday 29 February 2024, 2:30pm

Three-dimensional Massive Gravity and the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect

Speaker: Eric Bergshoeff (Groningen University)
Time: Wednesday 14 February 2024, 2:30pm

Non-Relativistic Gravity

Speaker: Jelle Hartong (Edinburgh University)
Time: Thursday 8 February 2024, 2:30pm