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Asano, Y.

Asano, Y. Apr. 2015- Post-Doctoral Scholar. Born: 1986 – Saitama, Japan. Education: Doctor of Science 2015, Kyoto University. Academic appointments: JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists, Kyoto University, 2013-2015.   Address: School of Theoretical Physics, Dublin Insitute for… Read More

Ihl, M.

Ihl, M. Oct. 2011-Sept. 2013 IRCSET Fellow Born 1977, Germany. Ph.D. 2008 University of Texas at Austin. Appointments: Post-Doctoral Researcher at Centro de Fisica do Porto, Faculdade de Ciencias da UP, Porto, Portugal, Jan. 2014-

Bass, L.

Bass, L. 1954-56 Scholar Born 1931 Prague, Czechoslovakia. Ph.D. 1954 Vienna. RNdr. 1992 Prague. Appointments: Lect., TCD 1956-61; Reader, Queensland 1965-67; Prof., Queensland 1967-. Memberships: Institute of Physics (London). Honours: Foreign Member, Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and… Read More

Callan, E.J.

Callan, E.J. 1964-65 Scholar Born 1922 New York, U.S.A. M.Sc. 1960 Ohio. Appointments: Physicist, Waterways Experiment Station 1946-53; Assistant for Programming, Wright Air Development Center, Dayton, Ohio 1953-56; Chief, Aerospace Research Lab., Ohio 1956-.

Datta, N.

Datta, N. 1995-96 Scholar Born 1962 Burnpur, India. Ph.D. 1995 Zurich. Address: Statistical Laboratory, DPMMS, University of Cambridge, 16 Mill Lane, Cambridge CB2 1SB, UK. E-mail: N.Datta_at_statslab.cam.ac.uk

Ferreira, P.M.M.

Ferreira, P.M.M. 2000-2001 Scholar Born 1970 Lisbon. Ph.D. 1998 University of Liverpool.Appointments: Post-doctoral Fellow, Genova 1998-2000; Post-doctoral Fellow, Lisbon 2001- Address: CFTC, Complexo Interdisciplinar, Av. Prof. Gama Pinto, 2, Lisboa, Portugal. E-mail: ferreira_at_cii.fc.ul.pt

Gomatam, J.

Gomatam, J. 1971-73 Scholar Born 1940 Madras, India. Ph.D. 1969 Syracuse. Appointments: Research Fellow, CSIR India 1963-65; Research Assistant, Syracuse 1965-69; Instructor in Mathematics, Syracuse 1969-70; Post-Doctoral Research NSF, Syracuse 1970-71; Lect., Glasgow College of Technology 1973-84; Reader… Read More

Houston, M.

Houston, M. 1947-51 Technical Assistant Born Newry, Ireland. B.A. (Mod), B.Sc. Dublin.

Kinsella, J.A.

Kinsella, J.A. 1980 Scholar Born 1955, Dublin, Ireland. Ph.D. NUI. Appointments: Assistant Lect., Limerick 1980-88; Lect., Limerick 1988-. Address: Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Limerick, Plassey Technological Park, Limerick.

Massa, E.

Massa, E. 1968-70 Scholar Born 1943 Napoli, Italy. Appointments: Researcher, Istituto di Fisica, Via L.B. Alberti 4, Genova, Italy.