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Anastasia Volovich (Brown University)

Title: N=4 Yang-Mills scattering amplitudes: symbol alphabet, cluster algebras, and plabic graphs Abstract: I will review recent progress in N=4 Yang-Mills scattering amplitudes. Talk – Video Talk – Slides

Peter Millington (University of Nottingham)

Title: Non-Hermiticity: a new paradigm for model building in particle physics Abstract: Non-Hermitian quantum theories have been applied in many other areas of physics. In this talk, I will review recent developments in the formulation of non-Hermitian quantum… Read More

David A. Huse (Princeton University)

Title: Many-body localization Abstract: In this seminar I will discuss some aspects of the present theoretical understanding of many-body localization (MBL) and the novel dynamic phase transition from MBL to thermalization. Many-body localization is the interacting version of… Read More

DIAS scientists explore the vibrations of the deep ocean

The deep ocean remains one of the final frontiers of the unknown on our planet. New research by scientists at DIAS published today in Nature Communications reveals how interactions between the coupling of the deep ocean and land… Read More

Dario Bercioux (Donostia International Physics Center)

Title: High-order topological states in electronic and photonic lattice systems Abstract: In this seminar, I will talk about crystalline topological electronic and photonic lattice systems. For pedagogical reasons, I will start with Jackie and Rabbi’s milestone work on… Read More

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Katrin Wendland (Universität Freiburg)

Title: The Complex Elliptic Genera of Simple Surface Singularities Abstract: The complex elliptic genus is an invariant which is shared by geometry and conformal field theory. In favourable situations, it allows to count BPS states in conformal quantum… Read More

Miguel Montero (Harvard University)

Title: The Swampland and string universality Abstract: The Swampland program aims to determine which effective field theories can arise as the low-energy limit of a consistent quantum theory of gravity, using general principles such as absence of global… Read More

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