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UPDATE MARCH 24TH : Buildings Closure Notice

To protect the welfare of students, scholars and staff at DIAS and in the public interest, DIAS is implementing full ‘working from home’ for all its team as of 6pm Friday March 20th. This is effective until opening… Read More

DIAS astrophysicist confirms theory on how massive stars are formed

In our galaxy exists billions of massive stars. Despite their short and turbulent existence, protostars play a significant role in astrophysics. For example, they forge metals and heavier chemical elements, which will be released into space at the… Read More

Dr Duygu Kiyan has been appointed a Schrödinger Fellow in Geophysics

The School of Cosmic Physics is delighted to announce that Dr Duygu Kiyan has been appointed a Schrödinger Fellow in Geophysics. Dr Kiyan’s research interests focus on natural-source electromagnetic techniques (i.e. magnetotellurics) in continental environments to understand thermal… Read More

PhD Studentship

Ph.D position in Space Physics Duration 4 years. Stipend: €18,500 per year, tax free A PhD position is available at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS) in the Astronomy and Astrophysics Section. This position will be part… Read More

Vacancy – Senior Executive Officer: Strategy Implementation and Impact

An exciting opportunity to contribute to the future of Ireland’s only independent Institute for Advanced Studies is presented. The Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS) is seeking an experienced executive to manage initiatives supporting the implementation of it’s… Read More

Three Earthquakes reported off the coast of Ireland

The Irish National Seismic Network (INSN) has recorded three separate Earthquake events this December off the coast of Ireland. The first was detected on the 15th December at 21:19:52 UTC, when a M2.5 earthquake occurred in the Irish… Read More

2019-12-15, M2.5, Irish Sea

On the 15th of December 2019 at 21:19:52 local time, a M2.5 earthquake occurred in the Irish Sea. More detail is available from the Irish Nation Seismic Network (INSN).

2020-01-29, 15:00: Mr. J. Waters (University of Southampton)

Mr. James Waters University of Southampton, UK Multi-decadal observations of auroral kilometric radiation with the Wind spacecraft and its variability during substorms Abstract : Auroral Kilometric Radiation (AKR) is circularly-polarised radio emission that originates from particle acceleration regions… Read More

2019-13 – Horizon Molecules in Causal Set Theory

DIAS-STP-19-13 C. Barton, A. Counsell, F. Dowker, D. S. W. Gould, I. Jubb & G. Taylor This preprint is available on Arxiv.org Portable Document Form Date of Publication : 18/09/19 To obtain copies of any of the preprints… Read More

2020-01-15, 15:00: Prof. M. Filipovic (Western Sydney University)

Prof. Miroslav Filipovic Western Sydney University, Australia The future certain: Supernova Remnants in the multi-messenger era Abstract : This is an exciting time for the discovery of high energy objects such as for example supernova remnants (SNRs). Especially… Read More