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Ní hansae: Trailer

School of Celtic Studies (SCS) Research Podcast – Ní hansae.

Ní hansae is Old Irish for ‘not difficult’, which is precisely what you will think after having heard the researchers explaining their research in their own words on this podcast.

In each episode, O’Donovan Scholar Nike Stam will throw questions in Old Irish at her coworkers, but not to worry, they will answer in English!

Jingle produced by Silvan van der Zwaag of Studio Galassasa; the Irish fragment of Annie Uí Annluain is taken from the DIAS Glór recordings, with thanks to Dr Andrea Palandri. Logo designed by Tim Leech-Cleary.

Production team: Christina Cleary, Margaret Irons, Nike Stam.
Technical support: Andrew McCarthy.

With thanks the Director of the School of Celtic Studies for his support and to all the interviewees for taking part.

The SCS Research Podcast: Ní hansae
The SCS Research Podcast: Ní hansae
Ní hansae: Trailer