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Senad Subašić

Name: Senad Subašić

Position: PhD student

Email: senad-at-cp.dias.ie


MSc in Geophysics – Seismology from University of Zagreb, Croatia (2016)

Research Interests

Passive seismic methods, receiver functions, Bayesian inference, Monte Carlo methods, body-wave tomography

Currently involved with two projects:

  • Imaging the shallow structure near the Boliden Tara Mines site using passive seismic methods – we deployed a 21-instrument seismic array and collected data for a period of one year. The goal is to use this passive dataset to retrieve information on subsurface structure using different methods (high-frequency receiver functions in our case), and compare the results with available borehole and active seismic data.
  • Body wave tomography using quarry blasts – we utilise a large number of man-made seismic events (explosions in quarries and mines) across the country for seismic imaging of Ireland’s crust and upper mantle

Selected recent publications

Subašić, S., Piana Agostinetti, N., Bean, Christopher J. (2019). Estimating lateral and vertical resolution in Receiver Function data for shallow crust exploration – under revision

Subašić, S., Prevolnik, S., Herak, D., & Herak, M. (2017). Observations of SKS splitting beneath the Central and Southern External Dinarides in the Adria-Eurasia convergence zone. Tectonophysics, 705, 93-100.