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Ní hansae: Celebrating Multilingualism!

Episode 7. Jacopo Bisagni and Teresa Lynn – Celebrating Multilingualism!

Jacopo Bisagni Profile
IrCaBriTT Project @IrCaBriTT
Jacopo on RTÉ Brainstorm

Teresa Lynn Profile
Teresa’s TEDx Talk
Teresa on RTÉ Brainstorm
Teresa’s article on code-switching, w. Kevin Scannell
Jacopo’s book on the Amra Coluimb Chille in DIAS bookshop
The glosses of which Jacopo spoke have been edited in the Thesaurus Palaeohibernicus also available in DIAS bookshop

Nike’s thesis on code-switching in the Commentary to the Félire Óengusso is freely downloadable here:

The SCS Research Podcast: Ní hansae
The SCS Research Podcast: Ní hansae
Ní hansae: Celebrating Multilingualism!