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Ní hansae: Mícheál Hoyne

Our next guest is Mícheál Hoyne, Bergin Fellow at the School of Celtic Studies, DIAS.

You can watch Mícheál’s introduction to Bardic Poetry here.

References from the podcast:
The Bardic Poetry Database is the work of Dr Katharine Simms, Department of History, Trinity College Dublin. It is currently being updated and expanded by Mícheál.
Mícheál’s most recent book: Fuidheall Áir: Bardic poems on the Meic Dhiarmada of Magh Luirg c. 1377–c. 1637

Books on Bardic Poetry published by the School of Celtic Studies:
An introduction to Irish syllabic poetry of the period 1200–1600, with selections, notes and glossary by Eleanor Knott
Irish bardic poetry: texts and translations, together with an introductory lecture by Osborn Bergin, compiled and edited by David Greene and Fergus Kelly; with a foreword by D. A. Binchy
The Art of Bardic Poetry: A New Edition of Irish Grammatical Tracts I by Eoin Mac Cárthaigh
Aon don Éigse: Essays Marking Osborn Bergin’s Centenary Lecture on Bardic Poetry (1912) eds. Caoimhín Breatnach and Meidhbhín Ní Úrdail
The wedding poems of Dáibhí Ó Bruadair ed. Margo Griffin-Wilson

Damian McManus’ publication on Dogs in Bardic Poetry, ‘Celebrating the Canine I & II’:
Celebrating the canine: An edition of Slán dona saoithibh sealga ‘Farewell to the masters of the hunt’, an elegy for Diarmaid Mág Carthaigh’s († 1368) hound.
Celebrating the canine II: the hunt in Medieval Ireland, with special reference to the evidence of Classical Irish poetry

The SCS Research Podcast: Ní hansae
The SCS Research Podcast: Ní hansae
Ní hansae: Mícheál Hoyne