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Lindsay PhD Scholarship

Lindsay PhD Scholarship 
Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies/Armagh Observatory & Planetarium

The Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS) and Armagh Observatory & Planetarium (AOP) invite applicants for the Lindsay PhD Scholarship, named after Eric M Lindsay, seventh Director of Armagh Observatory. The Scholarship is jointly funded by DIAS and AOP and the successful candidate would be expected to be based at DIAS but also spend time at AOP.

We wish to use I-LOFAR (based at Birr Castle, Ireland; www.lofar.ie) and the full LOFAR array (www.lofar.org) to explore plasma emission bursts produced by coronal shock fronts and plasma emission bursts produced by coronal
shock fronts on the Sun, and perhaps on other stars. The metric radio emission of M dwarfs is currently poorly explored, but new instruments such as LOFAR can fill that gap. Furthermore we also anticipate that optical data from GOTO (www.goto-observatory.org) and TESS (tess.mit.edu) will be used to study stellar flares, and in particular the occurrence rate of super-flares on solar-like stars. TESS will give us more than 400 Solar-type stars with near continuous, high cadence, observations of nearly a year with a repeat set of observations a year later which will be the equivalent of observing the Sun for thousands of years.

The Scholarship is fully funded with the university fees and a living stipend paid to the successful applicant.

Details on Lofar and our research work can be obtained at  www.armagh.space and www.dias.ie

Further information on the Scholarship can be obtained from Prof. Peter Gallagher (peter.gallagher@dias.ie) or Dr Marc Sarzi (marc.sarzi@armagh.ac.uk).

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