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Luuk Coopmans MSc


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address: Rm. 404, DIAS, 10 Burlington Rd, D04 C932.
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Originally I am from the Netherlands and I obtained my Bsc. in physics from the Radboud University in Nijmegen. Afterwards I moved to Scotland to obtain my MSc. in theoretical physics from the University of Edinburgh. During my master thesis project with Prof. Andrew Huxley I investigated properties of exotic superconductors in high magnetic fields. This motivated me to continue in Condensed Matter Physics and I joined the Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies (DIAS) in the fall of 2017 under the supervision of Dr. Graham Kells. Trinity College Dublin acts as the awarding body for my PhD and there I am supervised by Prof. Stefano Sanvito with whom I work together on a joint-project involving also Dr. Kells. 

Research Interests

Currently my main research interest is the simulation and investigation of dynamics of quantum many body systems. Specifically I am looking at topological superconductors that host special Majorana bound states which have been proposed as candidate materials for topological quantum computation. I look at how fast these Majoranas can be transported and how information encoded within them decoheres under noise. For this I learned different numerical techniques including Tensor Networks (DMRG), Monte Carlo simulation and Machine Learning (Differential programming and Reinforcement Learning). Some of the other side interests I have include non-markovian quantum evolution, topology change and dynamical phase transitions.