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Kevin Kavanagh MSc


email: kevkav@stp.dias.ie
phone: +353-1-6140144
address: Rm. 404, DIAS, 10 Burlington Rd, D04 C932.

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Originally from Dublin, I obtained a BA in Mathematical Physics from Maynooth University in 2015.

Following this, I left Ireland to pursue a research MSc at Utrecht University in the Institute for Theoretical Physics. I completed my thesis, titled “Entanglement Entropy, the Multiscale Entanglement Renormalisation Ansatz and Lifshitz Field Theories” , under the supervision of prof. dr. Stefan Vandoren.

Since late 2017 I have returned to Dublin to pursue a PhD under Dr. Graham Kells at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. In addition, I am partly supervised by Dr. Joost Slingerland at Maynooth University.

Research Interests

I have a keen interest in the rich physics of many-body quantum systems. In particular I am working currently to understand error processes in Majorana Bound States which are candidate topological qubits.
I have been studying transport in quantum spin chains using tensor network techniques. I am also investigating quantum exclusion processes as simple examples of open quantum systems.