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Introduction to MPI, Honore Tapamo, ICHEC
Adaptive Mesh Refinement 1, Romain Teyssier, CEA
Adaptive Mesh Refinement 2, Romain Teyssier, CEA
Grid Technologies, John Walsh, TCD
Virtual Observatory - AstroGrid, Nicholas Walton, IOA

Jets from Collapsing Magnetized Cloud Cores, Robi Banerjee, ZAH-ITA
Large-Scale Jet Simulations, Turlough Downes, DCU
Jet Stability 1, Rony Keppens, K.U.Leuven & Utrecht Univ
Jet Stability 2, Rony Keppens, K.U.Leuven & Utrecht Univ
3D Radiation Transfer, Jürgen Steinacker, MPIA
Star/disk Interaction - Jet Launching 1, Claudio Zanni, LAOG
Star/disk Interaction - Jet Launching 2, Claudio Zanni, LAOG

Soft skills

Project Management, Joe Houghton, UCD
Marie Curie Actions, Dagmar Meyer, Marie Curie NCP, IUA

Contributed talks

Analytical Modelling of Radiative Jets; Application to Laboratory Astrophysics, Serge Bouquet
Scaling Laws in Radiating Hydrodynanics and MHD: Pillar of Laboratory Astrophysics, Emeric Falize
Jet Simulations on Vector Supercomputers, Volker Gaibler
Submillimeter Array Observations of the L1157 Protostellar Jet, Arturo I. Gomez
The Fully Ionised MHD equations and their steady-state solutions, Aoife C. Jones
X-ray Timing Analysis of six Pulsars using ESA's XMM-Newton Observatory, Antonio Martin-Carillo
Supernova Remnants and Grid Computing at INAF-OAPa, Marco Miceli
Hydrodynamical simulations of detonations in superbursts (movie), Claire Noël
Parameter Study in Disk-Jet Systems: A Focus on Equipartition (movie 1,2), Petros Tzeferacos
AMR Simulations of Clumped 3D Radiatively-Cooling Jets, Kristopher Yirak

Contributed Posters

Interacting jets from a binary source, Gareth Murphy
Effective reactions in molecular MHD disk winds, Despina Panoglou
Extending radially self-similar MHD models by introducing an outer disk radius, Matthias Stute
Hot corinos outflows vs shock interaction of low mass class 0 objects, Quang