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2018-04-25 – Seminar by Dr. Jana H. Borner (Freiberg University of Mining and Technology)

25 April 2018Seminar

When: 16:00 on Wednesday, 25th April 2018
Where: DIAS, Geophysics Section, 5 Merrion Square, Dublin 2, (library)

Speaker: Dr. Jana H. Borner (Freiberg University of Mining and Technology)
Title: Complex electrical conductivity of reactive systems.


Reactive rock-fluid-gas systems are common targets for geoelectric and electromagnetic exploration and monitoring applications in geosciences. Storage of reactive gases, environmental pollution and remediation as well as natural discharges of reactive gases and carbonate reservoirs are only a few examples for systems, whose petrophysical properties are influenced by manifold physico-chemical interactions. Understanding the manifestation of physico-chemical interactions in the electrical properties of such systems is crucial for the correct interpretation of field and monitoring data. Laboratory measurements of the complex electrical rock conductivity (i.e. spectral induced polarization method) allow for a comprehensive electrical characterization. Challenges, data and results from the impact of carbon dioxide on rock conductivity, carbonate reservoirs and black schist formations are presented and put in the context for field scale applications.