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Marc Casals (University of Leipzig)

Title: Green Functions for Black Hole Spacetimes: Wave Propagation, Self-Force, Stability and Quantum Properties

Abstract: Field perturbations of black hole spacetimes satisfy a wave equation, for which crucial objects are its classical (e.g., retarded) and quantum (e.g., Feynman) Green functions. In this talk, we will discuss some mathematical properties of Green functions in Schwarzschild and Kerr black hole spacetimes, such as their global singularity structure, their Fourier modes and wave propagation properties. We will also present some physical applications of these Green functions to the late-time stage (ringdown) of gravitational waveforms, self-force problem for modelling black hole inspirals, black hole stability properties and quantum correlations as well as quantum communication near black holes.

Talk – Slides

Talk – Video