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Muller Mark (Dr.)

Former Schrödinger Fellow. E-mail: mmuller.earthsci-at-gmail.com

Polat Gulten

Former PhD Student

Fullea Javier (Dr.)

Former Research Scientist

Shahrukh Mohammad

Former Summer Student (IIT Roorkee, India)

Schmoldt Jan-Philipp

Former PICASSO PhD student.

Mildner Costantin

Former Winter Internship Student Winter Project: “Numerical modeling of present-day mantle convection”

de Block Merijn

Former MSc Student

Barrett John

Former Senior IT Manager for Geophysics Section

Lynch Peter

Former Internship Student Summer Project: “Seismic structure of oceanic lithosphere in ancient and juvenille basins”

Neenan Emily

Former Summer Internship Student Summer Project: “Seismic study of the lithosphere of an actively deforming region in the Eastern Mediterranean”