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Maurice Weber

Email: mweber-at-cp.dias.ie

Bsc in Physics of the Earth`s System, University of Kiel, 2015-2019
Msc in Geophysics, University of Kiel, 2019-2022

Research interests:
I am currently working on a PhD project as part of the IMPROVE European Training Network. My project investigates the relation between deformation and seismicity at Mount Etna, Sicily. Broadband seismometers will be installed in the summit region of the volcano for several months to allow for long-term recording of deformtion processes and seismicity going along with it across various frequency ranges. Additionally, a dense network of seismic nodes will be deployed for a short duration to add to the broadband data.
Investigating changes over time in the seismic coda of vulcanic events may help to explore deformation processes such as its driving mechanisms or the amount of deformation that occurs silently by also taking results of laboratory tests of rock`s behaviour under stress and different conditions into account.