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Summer School 2020

Matrix Membranes and Emergent Spacetime

Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies
Summer School: June 13th – 19th
Workshop: June 20th – 22nd

The Summer School will cover:

  • Classical membranes and supermembranes
  • Diffeomorphism and area preserving diffeomorphism groups,
  • Dual supergravities and gauge/gravity duality
  • Non-commutative deformation of membranes to matrix membranes
  • IKKT type models
  • Low dimensional Yang-Mills and super Yang-Mills models
  • Higher-dimensional matrix/fuzzy branes and their geometry and gauge theory
  • Emergent spacetime hybrid Monte Carlo techniques
  • Supersymmetry on the lattice


  • Lecturer #1
  • Lecturer #2
  • Lecturer #3

Students are encouraged to participate in the workshop as well.

Organizing comittee

Simon Catterall
Jens Hoppe
Hikaru Kawai
Denjoe O’Connor
Harold Steinacker

Local comittee

Denjoe O’Connor
Marianne Leitner
Samuel Kováčik
George Rogers (conference administrator)


To be announced prior to the date.


The school is aimed at PhD students, postdocs and early career researchers with an interest in the area.

Limited accommodation available to early applicants.
To apply for participation at the summer school follow this link.