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Call for papers: Tionól 2015

This year’s Tionól will take place at the School of Celtic Studies, 10 Burlington Road, Dublin 4, on 20 and 21 November. Papers will relate to any aspect of Celtic Studies, and will be 30 minutes...

New manuscripts on ISOS

RIA MS 23 A 4, page 118Royal Irish Academy Manuscripts:

MS 23 A 4
MS 23 N 16
MS 23 N 17

National Library Scotland Manuscripts:

MS 72.2.1
MS 72.2.2
MS 72.2.4
MS 72.2.6
MS 72.2.9
MS 72.2.15

Forthcoming Publications, March 2015

Marriage Disputes book coverMedieval Welsh Poems book coverTo be published in March 2015

Medieval Welsh Poems to Saints and Shrines
Barry J. Lewis

Marriage Disputes: A Fragmentary Old Irish Law-Text
Fergus Kelly

Seminar beginning Monday 12 January 2015

Barry Lewis

 Madog Benfras and Others: A Selection of Medieval Welsh Poems.

Seminar Room, Monday evenings at 5pm, beginning 12 January 2015

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New publication: The Art of Bardic Poetry

Bardic Poetry poster thumbBardic poetry dominated the Irish literary landscape for at least four centuries, from 1200 to 1600. The standardised language and metres developed for versification in this period and the poets'...

Statutory Public Lecture 2014

Statutory Public Lecture 2014Professor Liam Breatnach: The Church in the Laws of Early Mediaeval Ireland

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Part of Tionól 2014

One-day law conference videos available

Law Conference Fergus Kelly thumbThe talks from the one-day law conference in honour of Fergus Kelly on the occasion of his retirement, held on 28th June 2014, are now available.

Seminar - Wednesday 8th October 2014

Professor Liam Breatnach will finish reading the opening section of Bretha Nemed Dédenach (CIH 1112.9–29), and follow this with reading the Regula Choluimb Chille (Meyer, ZCP 3 (1901) 28–30) at...

Latest publication: Authorities and Adaptations: The Reworking and Transmission of Textual Sources in Medieval Ireland

authorities and adaptationsEdited by Elizabeth Boyle and Deborah Hayden.

Authorities and Adaptations investigates how texts were studied, copied and reworked in medieval Ireland. Encompassing a wide range of genres in Latin...

Ogham in 3D news

Dromore 2 stone being scannedField work for 2014 has been completed and we now have newly digitised ogham sites, stones and inscriptions (including 3d models of stones in most cases) available on our website.

Book sale

Book sale posterMore books have been reduced in price, by up to 50%! See what's on special offer!


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