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School of Cosmic Physics

The School of Cosmic Physics undertakes theoretical, computational and observational studies of physics related to the understanding of the Cosmos – from the Earth’s core to the outer reaches of the Universe. It is organised in two broad sections: Geophysics focused on the interior and surface of the Earth and Astronomy and Astrophysics focused outwards.

DIAS Geophysics

The school probes some of the deepest questions asked by humankind and has contributed to international projects aimed at exploring the cosmos. We have worked and continue to work on the formation of stars and planets, on the origins of the mysterious cosmic rays (encompassing significant contributions to high-energy astrophysics and particle acceleration theory), on the mechanisms responsible for the formation of continents and oceans, and on the deep structure of the Earth.

The school is a leader of national activity in these areas and is highly respected internationally for the depth, breadth and quality of its activities. It is currently involved in, for example, the building of the successor to the Hubble Space Telescope – the James Webb Space Telescope – which will be the largest telescope ever made.

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