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The School of Celtic Studies publishes works in the field of Irish and Celtic Studies. Many of the seminal works in our discipline have appeared under our impress. Our publications are fully peer-reviewed and are kept in print. We try our best to make them available at an affordable price.

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Our latest publications

Our journal Celtica. Latest volume: XXXIV (2022).

Bretha Comaithcheso

Easter Ross Gaelic

West Perthshire Gaelic: phonology, morphology, texts, and lexicon

Clóliosta: Printing in the Irish language, 1571–1871, an attempt at narrative bibliography

The MacEgan Legal Treatise

Amrae Coluimb Chille: a critical edition

Online publications

The School is offering an increasing number of publications online and free of charge.

Audio archive

Glór audio archive


For copyright reasons, it may be necessary for us to omit certain parts of a publication, such as images, when those parts have been provided for the printed edition by the generosity of a third party.

Although these online versions are available free of charge, copyright (as detailed below in the copyright statement) is retained in its entirety by the publisher. You may, of course, print out the downloaded copy for personal use.

Copyright in the whole and every part of these publications belongs to the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (School of Celtic Studies), and they may not be used, sold, licensed, transferred, copied, rented or reproduced in whole or in part in any manner or form or in or on any medium by any person other than with the prior written consent of the publisher.

For queries on self-archiving DIAS publications, please email info@celt.dias.ie.