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International physics conference, hosted by DIAS, seeks to address gender equality

IConference hosted by Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies achieves an almost 50/50 gender split for conference line up – A theoretical physics conference will feature a significant 44/56 split between female and male speakers, despite gender disparities at… Read More

DIAS Astrophotography competition goes mobile for 2024

‘Reach for the Stars’, the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies’ (DIAS) astrophotography competition, has returned for the fourth year running and is calling on Ireland’s budding astro-photographers to submit their images. This year the competition has added a… Read More

Irish scientists are part of groundbreaking discovery with James Webb Space Telescope

Irish astronomers, in cluding researchers from Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS), are part of an international team that has detected radiation from a veiled neutron star in the Supernova 1987A (SN 1987A), using the James Webb Space… Read More

Dr Pauline Gagnon (formerly of CERN) to deliver two talks at DIAS

What were Albert Einstein’s first wife’s contributions to his extraordinary productivity in the beginning of his career? Why are sexism, homophobia and racism still so prevalent in physics? In two separate upcoming talks, hosted by Dublin Institute for… Read More

DIAS Professor announced as next President of the European Southern Observatory’s Council

The Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS) is today (07.12.23) welcoming the announcement of Tom Ray, Senior Professor and Director of Cosmic Physics at DIAS, as the next president of the European Southern Observatory’s (ESO) main governing body,… Read More

Quake Shake: New programme encourages people to get involved in monitoring earthquakes

Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS) and Geological Survey Ireland are encouraging the next wave of ‘citizen seismologists’ through a new programme – Quake Shake – which was launched on 05 December 2023. Seismology is the study of… Read More

DIAS announces programme for Samhain agus Science festival 2023

Things that go bump in the night: bats, dark energy and worlds beyond our own at Samhain agus Science 2023 How can the unique biology of bats help us solve some of the greatest challenges that humans face… Read More

To the moon and back – DIAS punching above its weight with involvement in international space missions

As the pioneer of space research in Ireland, the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS) has today (11.10.23) released updates on six major space missions, in which the Institute is currently involved in, marking the end of Space… Read More

A star is born: Irish scientists capture a stellar birth using the James Webb Space Telescope

A team of astronomers led by the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS) have captured one of the most advanced images of a stellar birth ever taken. The research observations, which were led by Tom Ray, Senior Professor… Read More

Capturing the night sky: DIAS Reach for the Stars 2023 Results

‘M51 – A Galactic Dance’ and ‘Ghost Ship’ have been selected as the 2023 winning images in the ‘Reach for the Stars’ astrophotography competition, run by the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. Taking the first prize in the… Read More