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School of Theoretical Physics

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Upcoming Seminars
Wednesday 5 May 2021, 2:30pm
Peter Millington (University of Nottingham)
Non-Hermiticity: a new paradigm for model building in particle physics

Latest Published Papers
Author(s): Ygor Pará, Giandomenico Palumbo, & Tommaso Macrì
Title: ‘Probing non-Hermitian Phase Transitions in Curved Space via Quench Dynamics’
Author(s): Brian Dolan
Title: ‘A Renormalisation Group Equation for Transport Coefficients in (2 + 1)-Dimensions Derived from the AdS/CMT Correspondence’

Latest Preprints
Author(s): Carlos Herdeiro, Eugen Radu & D. H. Tchrakian
Title: ‘Embedding Gauss-Bonnet Scalarization Models in Higher Dimensional Topological Theories’
Author(s): Brian Dolan
Title: ‘Duality and Modular Symmetry in the Quantum Hall Effect from Lifshitz Holography’

The School of Theoretical Physics focuses on original research into the mathematical principles of physics.

It investigates the fundamental mathematical structures in which the laws of physics find expression. This research has profound, if long-term, implications not just for our understanding of the structure and origin of the universe, but, through quantum information theory, for the future of computing and the limits of what is computable.

The school is highly regarded internationally for work on quantum field theory, string theory, and quantum information. Groundbreaking research on the deep structure of quantum fields and related physical structures, and the development of new mathematical tools for their study, in addition to work on the theory of quantum information and the emergence of geometry out of a world of quantum fluctuations, are current areas of focus.

The School of Theoretical Physics has an extensive national and international network, and has a Research Associate programme. It provides facilities for university professors and lecturers on leave of absence from their academic duties and it organises seminars, conferences, and lectures.