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2002-01-28 – Aspects of String Unification

Monday 28th January 2002 in the Lecture Room (Floor 1)
There will be a series of seminars at the following times. All are welcome.

13:30 Dr. Alon Faraggi (Oxford University) “Aspects of String Unification”
14:00 Prof. Michael Baake (Greifswald University) “Mathematical Diffraction Theory – A Survey”
14:30 Prof. Werner Nahm (Bonn University) “Boundary States and Duality for Conformal Field Theories”
15:00 Prof. Christopher Pope (Texas A+M University) “Superstrings, M-Theory and Special Holonomy”
15:30 Tea
16:00 Prof. Frans Klinkhamer (Karlsruhe University) “CPT Anomaly: The Basic Idea and One Application”
16:30 Prof. Edward Corrigan (York University) “Integrability with Boundary Conditions”
17:00 Prof. Alexander Loskutov (Moscow State University) “Some Problems of Billiard-Like Chaotic Dynamical Systems”