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16 – 18 June 2017 : Solarfest 2017 at Dunsink Observatory

Solarfest will take place at Dunsink Observatory, Castleknock, Dublin 15 on the 16th, 17th and 18th of June. Organised by the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS), Irish Federation of Astronomical Societies (IFAS), Meath Astronomy Group and the TCD Solar Group, this annual event is a celebration of solar astronomy for professional and amateur astronomers, as well as the general public.

The free event consists of a public open evening on Friday 16th June, an all-day public event on Saturday 17th June and an afternoon family event on Sunday 18th June. The events include talks by enthusiastic astronomers, access to/tours of the observatory, and solar observing if the weather permits.

Solarfest is a fun way to find out more about the Sun and its place among the other stars, as well as its crucial importance to Earth.  Dr. Jonathan Mackey, an astrophysics research fellow in DIAS and one of the main organisers of Solarfest, comments: “The Sun is our nearest star, and our understanding of all other stars is based on how much we know about the Sun. Observations and models of the Sun and its wind are important for developing theoretical models of the atmosphere and surface conditions on planets that are being discovered around other stars.”

Michael O’Connell, amateur astronomer from IFAS says, “Solarfest provides an excellent opportunity for Ireland’s finest scientists to come together with amateur astronomers and the general public to share their latest research in solar astronomy in the relaxed setting of Dunsink Observatory. Events such as Solarfest play a crucial role in promoting Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM) and ensuring the next generation can explore and discover fulfilling careers here in Ireland.”

Find out more, and book free tickets at https://www.dunsink.dias.ie/solarfest/

For further information contact:

  • Jonathan Mackey at 087 176 0756 or by email at jmackey@cp.dias.ie
  • Hilary O’Donnell/Sullivan at 087 629 4966 (Official Dunsink Obs. phone number, available at any time) or by email at hod@cp.dias.ie