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DIAS scientists collect unique data from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean

Unique ocean-bottom recordings of North Atlantic earthquakes and the songs of great baleen whales offshore Ireland have been obtained thanks to one of the boldest deep-ocean research projects ever undertaken in Europe. The SEA-SEIS project, led by scientists… Read More

Tribute to a Space Research Pioneer

On 27th February of this year, Ireland lost one of its Space research pioneers. Professor Denis O’Sullivan joined DIAS as a PhD candidate in the early 1960’s. He went on to spend much of his career with DIAS,… Read More

DIAS Research Forum 2020 – Postponed – New Date TBC

An online inter-disciplinary research forum has been scheduled for Friday 8 May 2020, 12-5pm @ dias.ie/drf2020/live. Although this year’s forum will be a virtual one, it remains an opportunity for post-doctoral scholars and PhD students to share their… Read More

DIAS scientists to retrieve valuable seismometers and unique data from bottom of Atlantic Ocean

New insights into earthquakes off the Irish coast, the potential for enhanced tsunami warning systems, and the migration patterns of North Atlantic whales are among the topics on which key information will be obtained in the coming weeks,… Read More

Marking Earth Day 2020 at DIAS

Today – 22nd April – is Earth Day. Earth Day is an annual initiative that began in the US in 1970. It has now become a global environmental movement, working with more than 75,000 partners in almost 200… Read More

DIAS highlights Ireland’s contribution to study of Earth Systems to mark 50th anniversary of Earth Day today


PRESS RELEASE Wednesday, 22nd April 2020 DIAS highlights Ireland’s contribution to study of Earth Systems to mark 50th anniversary of Earth Day today – Archives show DIAS scientists drawing public attention to global warming as far back as… Read More

DIAS Summer Studentships 2020

The Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS) conducts advanced studies exploring big questions of the 21st century and beyond. Its research gains insights into Celtic society and its legacy; progresses our understanding of our island, our planet and… Read More

DIAS seismologists detect change in “human-made seismic noise”

Further information can be accessed on the INSN homepage PRESS RELEASE Wednesday 8th April 2020 DIAS seismologists detect change in “human-made seismic noise” across Ireland due to Covid-19 lockdown Data from Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies illustrates the… Read More

COVID-19 : Buildings Closure Notice

To protect the welfare of students, scholars and staff at DIAS and in the public interest, DIAS is implementing full ‘working from home’ for all its team as of 6pm Friday March 20th. This is effective until further… Read More

International Women’s Day & DIAS

As part of our DIAS 2020 programme we wanted to present some of our most talented female researchers in a unique way for International Women’s Day. It was important that we show the humans behind the research. And… Read More