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Caint Ros Muc


The School of Celtic Studies is pleased to make available, free of charge, a collection of recordings from Ros Muc, Conamara, made in 1964. They represent the bulk of the transcriptions provided in Caint Ros Muc, edited by Arndt Wigger and published in 2004.

The recordings provided have been divided by chapter, section and segments in the same manner as the book, and can be downloaded individually. The audio files are provided in Ogg Vorbis, an open, patent-free, professional audio format, as well as MP3.


Although these online recordings are available free of charge, copyright (as detailed below in the copyright statement) is retained in its entirety by the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. The online recordings may, of course, be downloaded for private study.

Copyright in the whole and every part of these recordings belongs to the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (School of Celtic Studies), and they may not be used, sold, licensed, transferred, copied, rented or reproduced in whole or in part, in any manner or form, or in, or on any medium, by any person other than with the prior written consent of the Institute.


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