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School Of Cosmic Physics Statutory Public Lectures

Upcoming Events

2022 (presented 2023)Prof. Tom Ray
Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies
Exploring the Universe with the James Webb Space Telescope
2021 (presented 2023)Prof. Heiner Igel
Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich
Exploring the Deep Earth: Supercomputing and Digital Twins
2020John Clinton
ETH Zurich
2019Heino Falcke
Radboud University Nijmegen
The First Image of a Black Hole
2018John McCloskey
University of Edinburgh
Forecasting the Unpredictable: Earthquake science in a crowded world
2017Giovanna Tinetti
University College London
Brave new worlds: the planets in our galaxy
2016Prof. Tim Palmer
University of Oxford
The Physics of Climate Change: what we know and what we are uncertain about
2015Mike Cruise
University of Birmingham
One hundred years of Einstein’s gravity, but where
are the waves
2014Prof. Etienne Parizot
University of Paris
Cosmic Rays: a century of adventure
and mysteries!
2013Prof. Lars Bergström
University of Stockholm
Solving the Puzzle of Dark Matter
2012H.E. Mr Tibor Tóth
Global Science for the Benefit of Security and Humankind
2011Prof. Malcolm Longair
University of Cambridge
The Dark Side of the Universe
2010Dr. Walter Mooney
The Gathering Storm: Mitigating the effects of Earthquakes, Tsunamis and other Global Natural Hazards using Geoscience
2009Prof. Simon D.M. WhiteAll From Nothing: The Structure of Our Universe
2008Prof. Naomi OreskesThe Denial of Global Warming
2007Prof. John MatherFinding our Origins with the James Webb Space Telescope
2006Prof. Sierd CloetinghThe Changing Earth we live on: The need for a European Strategy
2004Dr H. OlthofHuygens and Titan: from discovery to encounter
2002Prof. Denis O’SullivanSpace Travel and other Journeys: The Solar and Galactic Hazards
2001A. FabianThe Search for Supermassive Black Holes in Galaxies
2000M.A. KhanRift Valleys – Do they fall, or are they pushed?
1999Prof. Tom RayMaking Stars and Planets
1998R. GiacconiAstronomy in the VLT Era
1997J. JacksonExploring the Earth
1996D. Lemke
Exploring the Cold Universe: First Results from Europe’s Infrared Space Observatory
1995G. K. MileyTowards the Big Bang with the Most Distant Radio Galaxies
1994P. M.  ShannonOffshore Sedimentary Basins in the North Atlantic
1993Prof.  Luke O’C. Drury
Astrophysics Section
Gamma Ray Astronomy
1992Prof.  M. W. Feast
University of Cape Town
The Centres of Galaxies
1991Dr. P. W. Readman
Geophysics Section
The Earth’s Magnetic Field: How it Varies in Time
1990Dr. Thierry MonmerleHigh Energy Phenomena associated with Young Stellar Objects
1989Prof. P. A. Wayman
Astronomy Section
The La Palma Observatory
1988Prof T. MurphyWhy Measure Gravity