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General information about DIAS

Establishment of DIAS

The Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies is a statutory independent body established by the Institute for Advanced Studies Act 1940 which operates under the aegis of the Department of Education & Skills.

Roles, Responsibilities & Functions

The roles, responsibilities and Functions of DIAS and its constituent schools are laid out in the IAS Act, 1940 and the individual School Establishment Orders. DIAS is devoted to the pursuit of fundamental research in specialised branches of knowledge (blueskies research).    Through its three constituent schools, it pursues advanced research in celtic studies, theoretical physics and cosmic physics.   DIAS publishes books and journals in Celtic Studies and on advanced scientific subjects and it trains advanced students in the methods of original research within its field of expertise.

DIAS is funded by an annual grant from the Exchequer.  Also it generates additional income from book sales and it attracts external funding for research projects from national and international funding agencies Currently DIAS employs 67 staff (as at 31 March 2016) some of whom are working on short-term externally funded projects.  Staffing numbers, together with general terms and conditions of staff are set by the Department of Education and Skills.  Research groups within the Schools are led by Senior Professors and the Directorship of the School rotates between the serving Senior Professors on a triennial basis.

Organisation Structure

The staffing structure varies between each of the School but in general each School has a mix of permanent posts at Senior Professor, Professor and Assistant Professor level as well as temporary researchers such as Fellows and Post-Doctoral Research Assistants employed on short-term contracts.   Each School also has a small number of Research Scholars who are being trained in the methods of original research.

The Registrar, who is the chief executive officer of the Institute, acts as secretary to the Council,  accountant to the Institute, secretary to the Governing Board of each School and registrar of each Constituent School.    Organograms


The general government of DIAS and the administration of its affairs are vested in the Council.  Council meets at least twice a year and more frequently if there is business to be transacted.  Each of the three constituent schools of DIAS has an independent Governing Board that is responsible for the research programme and academic staffing of its particular School.  The frequency of meetings varies but each Board meets generally two or three times a year.

Council of DIAS – 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2020

Governing Boards of the Constituent Schools – 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2020

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