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Andrew Castillo Taylor

ID_photo2-1Name: Dr. Andrew Castillo Taylor

Title: Schrödinger Fellow

E-Mail: taylora@cp.dias.ie

Phone:  +353 1 4406656 extn 337

Address: 31 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 2, D02-XF86

Related Links: https://homepages.dias.ie/~taylora/

Research Interests: High Energy Astrophysics, Gamma-Rays, AGN, Neutrinos, Cosmic-Rays

Biographical Sketch : The high energy physics group at DIAS focuses
on astrophysical accelerators and the secondary particles they produce. Utilising data from space-based gamma-ray
detectors, as well as ground-based Cherenkov arrays such as the H.E.S.S. in Namibia, an abundance of efficient
astrophysical accelerators is currently being revealed. One of the connected aims of this research is to determine the
sources of the accelerated cosmic rays observed to arrive at Earth, both from Galactic and extragalactic origins.

Selected Publications: