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2022-07-12 Iurii Sushch (Northwest University)

Non-thermal emission from supernova remnants in circumstellar media

Most supernova remnants are core-collapse explosions of massive stars at the end of their evolution. Throughout its life such a star drives stellar winds that shape a circumstellar bubble which eventually plays a role of the ambient medium for a supernova remnant. The complexity of such circumstellar environments determines conditions for the SNR evolution and particle acceleration, which is ultimately reflected in the non-thermal emission leaving characteristic imprints of the interaction with the medium. In this talk I will address several aspects of such interaction and discuss spectral, temporal and morphological modifications that they can impose on the expected emission. Presented results are powered by numerical simulations using the RATPaC software designed for time- and spatially dependent calculation of particle acceleration at shocks of supernova remnants.