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2024-06-02 Kieran O’Brien (Durham University)

Kinetic Inductance Detectors for Optical/NIR astronomy Abstract: Kinetic Inductance Detectors are a superconducting detector technology that is capable of detecting single photons in the optical/IR range, with each photon being time-tagged to a microsecond. In addition, it is possible… Read More

2024-06-11 Cameron Patterson (Lancaster University)

Could Space Weather Delay Your Train? Modelling the Impacts of Geomagnetically Induced Currents on Railway Signalling Systems Abstract: Track circuit signalling systems are widely utilised across the world, and their ability to accurately detect trains is crucial for… Read More

2024-05-28 Debesh Bhattacharjee (Glasgow)

On the Proton Heating in Near-Earth Solar Coronal Mass Ejections Abstract: Earth-directed solar Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) are the primary drivers of Earth’s space weather disturbances which can affect a wide range of systems-from disrupting satellite communications to… Read More

2024-05-14 Samuel Badman (CFA)

Radial Evolution of the Solar Wind Flow with Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter Abstract: Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter are providing unprecedented joint measurements of the radial evolution of the solar wind from below the Alfven… Read More

2024-05-07 Hugh Hudson (Glasgow and Berkely)

The Sun as a Star: Discovery of high-speed prograde coronal flows Abstract: The Sun, viewed as a star, still produces surprises via time-domain and spectroscopic techniques.  In particular the medium-resolution EUV spectrometers on the Solar Dynamics Observatory have produced… Read More

2024-04-30 Paolo Massa (FHNW)

The STIX imaging concept Abstract:  The Spectrometer/Telescope for Imaging X-rays (STIX) is the instrument on board the ESA Solar Orbiter mission dedicated to the observation of solar flares. The telescope provides key diagnostics on the temperature of the heated plasma… Read More

2024-4-23 Camille Lorfing (MSSL)

A sneak peek into the wonderful world of Langmuir waves Abstract: Langmuir waves are oscillations in the electron density of a plasma. They can interact resonantly with energetic particles such as solar energetic electrons and produce emission in… Read More

2024-04-09 Leonardo Testi (University of Bologna)

The Planets of Dawn Abstract: Planetary systems are assembled around young stars within the so-called “protoplanetary” disks, which are the byproduct of the formation of the star itself. Over the last decade, observations of protoplanetary disks in nearby… Read More

2024-03-25 Jessie Duncan (NASA GSFC)

Understanding the Hot Solar Corona via X-ray Observations with NuSTAR Abstract: NuSTAR is a highly sensitive direct-focusing hard x-ray (HXR) observatory optimized to observe astrophysical sources. In certain conditions, NuSTAR can also observe the Sun – and characterize faint x-ray emission from sources… Read More

2024-03-05 Jordan A. Guerra (CU/CIRES and NOAA/SWPC)

Estimating the Impact of the Magnetometer Network on the SWPC Geoelectric Field Model We performed a leave-one-out analysis in order to study the impact of the operational network of magnetometers on the SWPC Geoelectric field model. The Geoelectric… Read More