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2021-01-26, 15:00: Dr. Bin Chen (NJIT)

Dr. Bin Chen New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA Solar Flare Energy Release: New Insights from Recent Radio Observations Abstract: Solar flares involve the catastrophic release of magnetic energy through magnetic reconnection. Solar flares are also highly efficient… Read More

2021-01-13, 15:00: Dr. Frank Eisenhauer (MPE)

Dr. Frank Eisenhauer Max-Planck-Institut für extraterrestrische Physik, Germany GRAVITY+: All Sky, High Contrast, Milli-Arcsecond Optical Interferometric Imaging and Spectroscopy Abstract: GRAVITY and the VLTI have transformed high angular resolution astronomy  with groundbreaking results on the Galactic Center, active galactic… Read More

2020-12-01, 15:00: Mr. Kim Pouilly (IPAG)

Mr. Kim Pouilly Institut de Planétologie et d’Astrophysique de Grenoble, France Magnetospheric accretion in the intermediate-mass T Tauri star HQ Tau Abstract: Classical T Tauri stars (cTTs) are pre-main sequence stars surrounded by an accretion disk. They host a… Read More

2020-11-20, 15:00: Dr. Dominique Meyer (Universität Potsdam)

Dr. Dominique Meyer Universität Potsdam, Germany The burst mode of accretion in massive star formation Abstract: The burst mode of accretion in star formation is a paradigm that describes how stars acquire their mass during the birth of… Read More

2020-11-03, 15:00: Dr. Ágnes Kóspál (Konkoly Observatory)

Dr. Ágnes Kóspál Konkoly Observatory, Hungary Magnetic field and accretion in the young eruptive star EX Lupi Abstract: While the Sun is a quiet and well-balanced star nowadays, during its first few million years it possessed a strong… Read More

2020-10-21, 15:00: Dr. Joel Sánchez Bermúdez (UNAM)

Dr. Joel Sánchez Bermúdez Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico Interferometric imaging with GRAVITY/VLTI Abstract: In Astronomy, interferometry is an observational technique that delivers us the major resolution possible to study physical processes at the smallest spatial scales… Read More

2020-10-16, 15:00: Dr. Faouzi Boussaha (Observatoire de Paris)

Dr. Faouzi Boussaha Observatoire de Paris, France Development of near-infrared and visible kinetic inductance detectors at Paris Observatory Abstract: Thanks to their unequalled performance, particularly in terms of sensitivity which can approach the quantum limit given by the… Read More

2020-10-09, 15:00: Dr. Claire Davies (University of Exeter)

Dr. Claire Davies University of Exeter, UK Disc-hosting young stellar objects at high angular resolution Abstract: Directly observing the innermost astronomical units of the discs that surround stars as they form is crucial to our understanding of star… Read More

2020-09-15, 15:00: Prof Cornelis Dullemond (Universität Heidelberg)

Prof. Cornelis Dullemond Universität Heidelberg, Germany Interpreting the ALMA continuum images of protoplanetary disks Abstract: In recent years a large number of high-resolution ALMA images of protoplanetary disks were published. It is striking how cleanly structured these disks… Read More

2020-09-09, 15:00: Dr. Donna Rodgers-Lee (Trinity College Dublin)

Dr. Donna Rodgers-Lee Trinity College Dublin, Ireland The intensity of stellar and Galactic cosmic rays at the young Earth and young exoplanets Abstract: Cosmic rays may have contributed to the start of life on Earth. Cosmic rays can… Read More