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2023-06-07 Ian Dobbs-Dixon (NYU Abu Dhabi)

Probing the Multidimensional Nature of Atmospheres of Hot Jupiters


By far, the most thoroughly observationally and theoretically characterized extrasolar planets are the class of short-period, highly irradiated, gas-giant planets. Though much of our understanding of atmospheric dynamics and planetary evolution is derived from solar system planets, observations and models of these exoplanets have suggested the dynamics of their atmospheres is dramatically different then anything we’ve previously seen. I will discuss the multiple aspects of these models utilizing 3D radiative hydrodynamical simulations coupled to a variety of models exploring jet formation, the formation of exotic clouds, and overall planetary evolution. The high quality of contemporary observations, including JWST, is for the first time allowing us to probe some of these previously inaccessible physical phenomena, including circumplanetary jet strength, latitudinal width, and depth. Utilizing a combination of retrieval calculations and GCM models, serving as a test of ground truths, I will demonstrate how one can disentangle these physical processes utilizing current observations in transit, eclipse and phase curves.

Brief Bio:

Ian did his PhD in Astronomy and Astrophysics from UC Santa Cruz with Prof. Doug Lin. He then moved to McGill in Montreal where he was a CITA Fellow for several years, then to University of Washington in Seattle where he was a Sagan Fellow, before finally joining the faculty at NYUAD in 2014