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Keith Glennon (Okinawa Institute of Science & Technology)

Title: An Overview of the E11 Program

Abstract: We will discuss the claim that the low energy effective action of the theory of strings and branes possesses an E11 Kac-Moody symmetry. We will show that a certain non-linear realization of E11 reproduces the equations of motion of eleven-dimensional supergravity, and that different decompositions leads to all the maximal supergravity theories, while the non-linear realization also contains effects beyond the supergravity approximation, indicating that E11 is a symmetry of the theory of strings and branes. We will discuss how this forces one to extend space-time and introduce new additional coordinates and suggest a physical interpretation of this fact. We will then discuss recent applications of Kac-Moody algebras to four-dimensional gravity, and open questions in the field.

Talk – Slides

Talk – Video