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DIAS Geophysics has state-of-the-art geophysical equipment from world-leading manufacturers in the areas of seismology and magnetotellurics. A general listing of our ‘instrument pool’ are outlined below.

Seismic Equipment

8 Earth Data PR6-24 recorders
3 Guralp CMG DM24S3EAM recorders
21 Nanometrics Taurus recorders
17 Guralp CMG 40T seismometers
20 Nanometrics Trillium 120pa seismometers
Marine Equipment: iMARL equipment pool

Magnetotelluric Field Equipment

11 Phoenix Broadband MTU systems
35 Phoenix BBMT AMTC-50 coils
28 Phoenix AMT MTC-30 coils
6 Phoenix Air-Loops
22 LVIV Long-Period MT systems
150+ Phoenix Electrodes

Controlled Source Magnetotelluric Field Equipment

V8-CR Receiver
Tensor CSAMT acquisition
Spectral IP (incl Resistivity) acquisition
Low TEM/MulTEM/FasTEM acquisition
MulTEM 1m diameter Rx loop
FasTEM 75cm diameter Rx loop
Current Source 10A
Current Source 40A
Battery pack 12-72V for T-4
Battery charger for T-4
Current Monitor
Battery pack 12V + cable for V8 & RXU-RXU-TMR
FasTEM/MulTEM Tx loop 200m x 200m
Georeel and spool: capac 3000m gauge #18
2 x Hi-gain omnidirectional antennas
2m antenna kit + tripod + 6m cable