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What does DIAS mean to you? Take a look at what James Grannell, Seismic Network Data Analyst at DIAS, has to share! Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

Anyone who's seen pictures of #VolcanicLightning will agree that it looks phenomenal, but have you ever wondered what happens to #volcanic ash inside the plume while the #lightning is happening? Franziska Keller explains for @EGU_GMPV #EGUblogs! Find out: egu.eu/1UCE50/ Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

What does DIAS mean to you? Listen to what Dr. Mari Longobardi, Post-doctoral Research Fellow at DIAS on the EUROVOLC project, has to say! Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

What does DIAS mean to you? We get to hear what Dr. Meysam Rezaeifar, Post-doctoral Research Fellow of Geophysics in the School of Cosmic Physics at DIAS, has to say! Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

ICYMI: @dias_geophysics researchers from the Irish National Seismic Network (INSN) were on @kclr96fm last Wednesday chatting with @suenunnradio about earth tremors and movements: kclr96fm.com/the-way-it-is-… #DIASdiscovers Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

It's our Birthday, so we got every city and county in Ireland a gift! DIAS is donating a copy of ‘Ingenious Ireland’ to every city and county library across Ireland to mark the 80th anniversary of the Institute. @FourCourtsPress Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

#Otd 1940: Establishment of @DIAS_Dublin by Taoiseach, Éamon de Valera. 3 schools: School of Theoretical Physics, School of Cosmic Physics & School of Celtic studies! dias.ie youtube.com/watch?v=FP_Cfs… en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dublin_In… Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

Aileen Bohan @captainaileen from Marine & Coastal Unit in Geological Survey Ireland @Dept_CCAE will lead the UCC Marine Geology Research Group @uccBEES webinar on Wed 17 June on Mapping the Seafloor: from inshore Ireland to the Abyss. eventbrite.ie/e/ucc-marine-g… @EventbriteIE Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

Last week we celebrated an evening of Joycean literature, musical performance, mathematical, and astronomical talks, titled The Heaventree of Stars. And today it has been published on YouTube for #Bloomsday2020 youtu.be/X_cM7gKd7N0 Enjoy! #DIASdiscovers #DIAS2020 Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

We’re going live today at 6pm with a panel discussion to mark 80 years of @DIAS_Dublin and delving into the history of de Valera and DIAS. Join us on Facebook at: bit.ly/DIASanddeValera #DIAS2020 Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

The two academics who started #BlackinIvory, Shardé Davis and Joy Melody Woods, talk to Nidhi Subbaraman about how the hashtag about their experiences of being black in academia started and why they decided to speak out, for @NatureNews egu.eu/20TZ1Q/ Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

Seismology Summer School 2020: Remote Online Sessions for Emerging Seismologists (ROSES). T/Th12pmET/11amCT/10amMT/9amPT. To enroll in the course, please submit your information here by Wednesday June 17th: forms.gle/PJeiEhW1f4JCf7… Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

1987, Brian Jacobs begins work on a project (involving colleagues from @unihh and other institutions) which demonstrates that the Irish continental shelf extends past the Rockall Basin, enlarging Irish zone of economic interest by a factor of ten @dias_geophysics #DIASdiscovers Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

Our final Lockdown Lecture! The road from Dunsink to eleven dimensions. Join the discussion travelling from Hamilton's quaternions to modern day questions about quantum gravity. Thursday June 11 at 1pm. Please register here: eventbrite.ie/e/lockdown-lec…#DIASdiscovers Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

1953, Erwin Schrödinger receives a letter from Francis Crick expressing the influence of the #WhatIsLife lectures and book over both himself and James Watson in their molecular-biological journey to discover DNA. @STPDias #DIASdiscovers #discoveryaday Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

1972, DIAS, in collaboration with @UCBerkeley, organise the first ever Irish experiment in space and onto the lunar surface as part of the NASA Apollo 16 mission. @DIASAstronomy #DIASdiscovers #Discoveryaday Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

Happy #WorldOceanDay2020! We have been privileged to sail the beautiful North #AtlanticOcean to obtain unique #seismic data from the #ocean floor. This will help us to #discover more about the wonderful world beneath the sea. @dias_geophysics @scienceirel @GeolSurvIE @iCRAGcentre Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

Today is #WorldEnvironmentDay Here is an image of the INFOMAR crew collecting free floating fishing nets. Helping make the ocean a little cleaner for its users and inhabitants. Visit infomar.ie @Dept_CCAE @GeolSurvIE @MarineInst Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics