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#BooksofDIAS: Principles of Continuum Mechanics by Zdeněk Martinec (2019) This book addresses the basic concepts of continuum mechanics, that is, the classical field theory of deformable bodies. More: springer.com/gp/book/978303… #DBF2020 #DIASdiscovers Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

🚨NEW!🚨Brighten up your Zoom meetings with our range of geological wallpapers! Taken from our Picture Library, choose from William Smith's 1815 map, an erupting volcano, a Scottish landscape and more! Download them today at geolsoc.org.uk/wallpapers #Zoom #Geology #Library #art Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

DIAS's bookshop is offering some great discounts today. See more on our website: shop.dias.ie #DIASdiscovers #BlackFriday #books #BlackFriday2020 Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

Resubmitted the joint inversion paper! Initially disappointed with revise and resubmit, but the reviews have greatly improved the manuscript! Fingers crossed for the next set of reviews 🌋📰🌍 @GeoFizz_DK @AudeLavayssiere @WattsGeology #Ethiopia #tomography Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

Another informative Zoom talk in out monthly series. Thanks to James Grannell @dias_geophysics for updating us on the what, where and why of Irish earthquakes, and the Irish Seismic Network. Great participation, including @CorkGeological @GalwayGga @OUGeologyIE @UCC BEES Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

The EU sets a good example: Shallow geothermal energy will in future heat and cool the European Parliament. Drilling starts next week. #geothermalintheEP #GeothermalDecade @MuseGeoera @Dept_ECC twitter.com/EGEC_geotherma… Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

@GeolSurvIE @dias_geophysics @Dept_ECC @IrishResearch Thanks for enabling this research! Stoked to see geothermal energy ignite in Ireland! 🔥 Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

Would you like to carry out some volcano experiments? Our team have been busy over the last few months creating 'Volcanology at Home', a series of exciting experiments you can carry out in your own home. Check out our 1st episode 'Mantle in a Bottle': earthandsolarsystem.wordpress.com/mantle-in-a-bo… Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

Do you use our data? Do you use Spatial NI? We’d like to hear your thoughts on how we can improve access to #GSNIdata and unlock our archives. Take our survey at surveymonkey.co.uk/r/gsnidata Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

💡Did you know that a land of 1 million km2 in Europe is prone to #landslide risk🌊🌀🌩? Read this publication from #EGSEarthObservation Experts advocating for a EU Landslide Directive on the assessment and management of landslide risks➡️bit.ly/33cFELB Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

First time co-convening a session so will definitely be checking this out! Here's a link to our session on Magma reservoir processes: plutonic perspectives GMPV8.2 🌋🌍 meetingorganizer.copernicus.org/EGU21/session/… #vEGU21 twitter.com/EuroGeoscience… Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

There is still time to register for lecture: 'Irish Earthquakes: What, Why, When', on Wed, 25 Nov, 20:00 h. Speaker, James Grannell @dias_geophysics, specialises on earthquakes from 🇮🇪 contexts. The lecture is hosted on Zoom by @CorkGeological. For access email: b.higgs@ucc.ie Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

Thanks for the new Irish geothermal map! Thanks to Ben Mather @BenRMather, Javier Fullea and the G.O. Therm 3D project team at DIAS @dias_geophysics, funded by Geological Survey Ireland @Dept_ECC and Irish Research Council @IrishResearch. Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

Exciting developments in geothermal energy in Ireland by @GeolSurvIE and @IrishResearch including a geothermal energy resource map by @BenRMather Read the full report here: dias.ie/ghXGk @DIAS_Dublin #DIASdiscovers twitter.com/GeolSurvIE/sta…

It's #Geoscience2020 week. The annual Geological Survey Ireland @Dept_ECC conference will take place on Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th November. The theme this year is Geoscience for Policy. For programme and registration details, see website gsi.ie/en-ie/events-a… Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

Welcome to GeoWeek 2020 #GeoWeek2020 GeoWeek (in Ireland) takes place this year between Monday 16th November and Saturday 21st November. The theme this year is "Celebrating Geography". For more details on GeoWeek 2020, please visit our website: geographicalsocietyireland.ie/geoweek-2020.h… Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

This Thursday at 6.30pm! @dias_geophysics will host Dr John Clinton virtually for their 2020 Statutory Public Lecture titled - MARSQUAKES! Tickets available at the following link: eventbrite.ie/e/128258411361 #DIASdiscovers #geophysics #mars Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

🚨Still searching for a new #Job?Before you switch to weekend mode🥳, have a look at our updated #JobPortal and find your new #seismology research position👇 blogs.egu.eu/divisions/sm/2… Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics