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The dynamic nature of our special coastline being demonstrated at the @GCausewayNT today. We’re planning a #CitizensObservatory to help monitor this area as part of the @AgeoAtlantic project and provide some valuable assistance with #geohazard management. twitter.com/GCausewayNT/st… Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

Glad to see the father of seismology Robert Mallet making it to the @CliffsofMoher1 through seismology in schools project @dias_geophysics Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

The job queue on kay.ichec.ie yesterday, running 6 of my @pion_code jobs on 22 nodes (880 Cores). @ichec is indispensable for my research group. It is a valuable national resource, providing equal access for all Irish researchers to top-level computing facilities. Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

#MarieTharp was crucial in the acceptance of plate tectonics, but her work was largely unrecognised in it's time. She was a fantastic and inspirational figure, and so much more than 'just' a cartographer. Check out @iamhazelgibson's article to learn more! blogs.egu.eu/geolog/2020/07… twitter.com/iamhazelgibson… Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

Unfortunately @QUBGeography @raspishake archive did not make it to recent pub on 'Global Quieting' caused by #COVID19 but one if the authors Martin Möllhoff @dias_geophysics has processed our data. Seismic noise plots showing drop in human activity pre/post lockdown #Belfast 1/ Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

Glad that our Irish National Seismic Network could contribute to amazing global collaboration led by @seismotom resulting in this recent scientific paper: dias.ie/oQ4vD @DIAS_Dublin @GeolSurvIE #DIASdiscovers

Lockdown measures meant to slow the spread of the virus COVID-19 contributed to a 50% anthropogenic noise reduction in global seismic signals. I'm very grateful to have had a chance to contribute to @seismotom's unique study in a difficult time: science.sciencemag.org/content/early/… Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

Read more about our study published in Science today on the global seismic noise quiescence period in 2020 in this piece by @seismo_steve and me for The Conversation @ConversationUK: theconversation.com/coronavirus-lo… Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

Many have lost loved ones, or are otherwise affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, despite lockdown measures. A byproduct of these unprecedented measures has been a global reduction in seismic noise; our study on this is just published in @ScienceMagazine science.sciencemag.org/lookup/doi/10.… (OA) Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

What are you watching this weekend? We suggest this fantastic mini documentary from a team incl. iCRAG postdoc @akbidgood, produced by @EleniWood! It's perfect for anyone wanting to learn a bit more about geoscience, fieldwork and life as a geo student! youtube.com/watch?v=Xd5H-1… Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

I finished the work on my latest paper while staying at the beautiful and creative @DIASDunsink, when I was working for @dias_geophysics. Its about how to combine information of seismology and gravity to study the lithosphere: doi.org/10.1093/gji/gg… #tudelft Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

The #DIAS2020 video, marking 80 years of @DIAS_Dublin, highlights just some of the Institute's greatest achievements over the past 8 decades. You can watch it now at: dias.ie/2020/06/29/lau… #DIASdiscovers Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

Spotted a ⁦@DIAS_Dublin⁩ ⁦@dias_geophysics⁩ seismometer in the Copper Coast geopark - worth a visit if you are near Waterford or Tramore! Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

What does DIAS mean to you? Take a look at what James Grannell, Seismic Network Data Analyst at DIAS, has to share! Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

Anyone who's seen pictures of #VolcanicLightning will agree that it looks phenomenal, but have you ever wondered what happens to #volcanic ash inside the plume while the #lightning is happening? Franziska Keller explains for @EGU_GMPV #EGUblogs! Find out: egu.eu/1UCE50/ Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

What does DIAS mean to you? Listen to what Dr. Mari Longobardi, Post-doctoral Research Fellow at DIAS on the EUROVOLC project, has to say! Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

What does DIAS mean to you? We get to hear what Dr. Meysam Rezaeifar, Post-doctoral Research Fellow of Geophysics in the School of Cosmic Physics at DIAS, has to say! Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics

ICYMI: @dias_geophysics researchers from the Irish National Seismic Network (INSN) were on @kclr96fm last Wednesday chatting with @suenunnradio about earth tremors and movements: kclr96fm.com/the-way-it-is-… #DIASdiscovers Retweeted by DIAS Geophysics