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Dr Dmitry Molodtsov – Post-doctoral Research Fellow

Name: Dmitry Molodtsov

Position: Post-doctoral Research Fellow

Email: mitya-at-cp.dias.ie

Phone number: +353-1-6535147 ext. 231


PhD in Geophysics, 2017, Saint Petersburg State University, Russia

Research interests

Multi-physics joint inversion, regularization, electromagnetic methods and seismic tomography.

Current project

Development of Bayesian joint inversion of seismic refraction, gravity and surface elevation data for chemical composition and thermodynamic parameters of the crust and lithospheric mantle. The method is being applied to the Porcupine Basin (Irish Atlantic margin) as part of the iTHERC project.

Selected recent publications

Molodtsov, D.M., V.N. Troyan, 2017, Multi-physics joint inversion through joint sparsity regularization, 87th SEG Annual Meeting, Expanded Abstracts

Molodtsov, D.M., V.N. Troyan, Yu.V. Roslov and A. Zerilli, 2013, Joint inversion of seismic traveltimes and magnetotelluric data with a directed structural constraint, Geophysical Prospecting, Vol. 61(6), pp. 1218-1228